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How to Determine Whether a Breeder You are Speaking to is Legitimate

Before purchasing a dog or cat, it is important to do some research in order to determine whether the person is legitimate and check that they are a reputable breeder. Follow the below list to avoid being scammed:

  1. All members of breeding clubs (RPBA or otherwise) will be able to share with you details of their membership. The information posted on their ads may only be minimal to prevent scammers from copying their information. We recommend contacting the breeder directly and asking them for some kind of information that may not be available on public domains (e.g. contact number, surname, email address, suburb) and verifying them with the breeding club they are a member with.
  2. Ask for information about what vet the breeder is taking their animals to and proof of veterinary visits.
  3. Have a look at breeder reviews on
  4. Google the breeder’s name and contact number to see if they come up on any other scam review pages.
  5. Meet with the animal in person before you put down a deposit or send any money.
  6. Ask to facetime the breeder to see the animals you are interested in if you cannot visit in person.
  7. Ask for references from other buyers before you put down a deposit.
  8. Ask questions about their policies on refunds/returns/what happens if the animal isn’t a good fit.
  9. Ask for the RPBA member’s mobile number to verify their breeder membership:

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RPBA are committed to helping you take your Veterinary studies to the next level. To help kick-start your career we are offering scholarships for Veterinary students. Go to for more details. 

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New Pet Laws Proposed in WA

WA’s Premier, Mark McGowan, has suggested legislation to ban the purchase of puppies from pet shops and outlaw the activities of illegal breeders.

Gone could be the days of strolling Westfield, distracted by miserable puppies scratching on the glass and hiding underneath shredded paper.

The legislation aims to reduce illegal puppy farming, encourage better welfare for dogs, and support humane breeding practices and responsible pet ownership.

McGowan said in a statement:

“The new laws will mean dogs can be traced throughout their lives through a central registration system, allowing authorities to identify dodgy or illegal breeders and shut down their operations.

“We will also be providing assistance to pet shops to help them transition to dog and puppy adoption centres, meaning they can re-home displaced and abandoned dogs.”

Lisa Baker, the Maylands MLA and Puppy Farming Working Group chair, revealed that certain pet shops in Western Australia had been sourcing thousands of puppies from illegal farms. As well as that, there are over 3000 dogs taken into rescue organisations in WA every year. THREE THOUSAND. YELL IT LOUDER.

RSPCA’s WA Chairwoman Lynne Bradshaw said that this legislation comes as the biggest improvement to animal welfare in the state for 20 years. “Right now, dog breeding is totally unregulated and anyone can breed as many puppies as they want,” she added.

The RSPCA is urging dog lovers to approach their local government to stress the importance of these laws and ensure the legislation is passed promptly.

Yip yip, woof, bork, rawr, boof, happy dog noises etc.

Source: – Feb 2020


Discounted DNA Testing

We have some exciting news we have partnered with Orivet and now offer discounted DNA testing on behalf of Orivet to all full RPBA members.

Please note RPBA members must acknowledge in order to receive the discount: ‘that all DNA information will be made available to the RPBA club database”.

Orivet DNA Testing Discount

Please email us to request the RPBA veterinarian audit to become a full member (at no additional costs) as we encourage all members to be audited. If you are a full member, please email us and we can send you the Orivet DNA test discount details.

Pause for paws: have your say on WA’s cat and dog laws

  • State Government calls for feedback on the current cat and dog laws
  • The introduction of the Cat Act 2011 brought in mandatory sterilisation of cats and amendments to the Dog Act 1976 in 2013 included compulsory microchipping
  • The consultation period will be open for three months until August 4, 2019

Community members are invited to ‘pause for paws’ and have their say on the effectiveness of Western Australia’s cat and dog laws.

The Cat Act 2011 and Dog Act 1976 are designed to assist with the control and management of cats and dogs in WA, primarily carried out by local governments.

The cat law included mandatory microchipping and sterilisation of all cats aged six months and over, as well as registration of cats with the relevant local government.

The aim was to reduce the impact of unwanted cats on the community and environment and encourage responsible pet ownership.

Amendments to the Dog Act made in 2013 included compulsory microchipping of all dogs and stricter control of dangerous dogs to improve community safety.

The State Government is reviewing how effective these amendments have been in the control and management of cats and dogs in WA.

Local Government Minister David Templeman today released a consultation paper exploring some key issues.

To have your say, read the paper and complete the short survey at

Comments attributed to Local Government Minister David Templeman:

“The State Government is committed to ensuring this important legislation is up to date and fit for purpose in the control and management of cats and dogs in Western Australia.

“From encouraging responsible pet ownership, keeping the community and other animals safe, reuniting lost pets with their owners to reducing the number of animals that are admitted to shelters and euthanised, the legislation impacts the whole community.

“We are now seeking community feedback to ensure that the operation and effectiveness of these laws meet community expectations.

“Local governments do a terrific job in administering the laws in their local communities and their feedback is also encouraged.”

Minister’s office – 6552 5400

Source: Government Of Western Australia – Media Statements – May 2019

The Rules Have Changed – New NSW Legislation From July 1  (Applicable Just for NSW)

 From 1 July 2019, people advertising kittens, cats, puppies or dogs for sale or to give away in NSW will need to include an identification number in advertisements. The identification number can be either of the following:

  • microchip number
  • a breeder identification number, OR
  • a rehoming organisation number

The rules will apply to all advertisements, including those in newspapers, local posters, community notice boards and all forms of online advertising, including public advertisements on websites such as the Trading Post, Gumtree, Pets For Homes, and social media sites.

The changes have been implemented in response to the Parliamentary Inquiry into Companion Animal Breeding Practices.

The changes help people looking to buy a cat or dog search the NSW Pet Registry to see the animal’s:

  •  breed
  •  sex
  •  age
  •  whether it is desexed
  • whether or not it is already registered
  • whether any annual permit is in place (from 1 July 2019).

A breeder identification number search will also display any business name listed in the registry. This enables buyers to do further research and make informed purchasing decisions. It also helps to promote responsible cat and dog breeding and selling, and over time, enable enforcement agencies to use this information to identify ‘problem’ breeders to enforce animal welfare laws.

What happens if I don’t use an identification number in my advertisements?

From 1 July 2019, it will be an offence if a person does not use an identifying number in an advertisement. It will also be an offence to falsify a number.

Sellers can be issued an on-the-spot fine by an enforcement officer of $330 if they do not include an identification number in an advertisement.

Failure to display an identification number, or falsification of a number can also carry a maximum penalty of $5,500 in court.

I am a dog breeder. What information will people be able to access about the dogs I sell?

Buyers will be able to search the NSW Pet Registry to see what is recorded for the cat or dog’s breed, sex, age, whether it is desexed and whether or not it is already registered. A breeder identification number search will also display any recorded business name. Safeguards are in place to ensure personal information is protected.

People will be able to use your breeder identification number or a microchip number for an animal to search the NSW Pet Registry. They can see any publicly available information on the Registry. It is important that this information is kept up to date. Visit the NSW Pet Registry website for more information.

How to sell or rehome a cat or dog in NSW?

In simple terms;

  • Make sure the cat or dog is microchipped
  • Make sure it is registered (NSW Pet Registry)
  • Consider desexing your cat or dog
  • Advertise it for sale using an identification number
  • Make sure ownership is transferred

Source: Department of Primary Industries May 2019

Questions to Ask Breeders

Looking to purchase a cat or dog for your family? Here are some of the most common questions asked.

  1. What is the temperament like?
  2. Are they a good fit for my family requirements?
  3. How much exercise is required daily?
  4. Does this breed get along with children well?
  5. How much shedding occurs and what are the grooming requirements?
  6. When was the last worming and vaccination done?
  7. How much food to feed per day and how many times a day?
  8. What are the parents like?
  9. How big do they grow?
  10. Are they desexed or when can I desex?
  11. How often do I need to bath, comb, and groom?
  12. What premium diet do you recommend?
  13. Is there anything I should be aware of?

For information on the RPBA Code of Ethics and standards, click here: RPBA Code of Ethics & Standards.

Blog posts should not be relied on as purchasing advice, do your research before purchasing a cat or dog.

Stayed Tuned for RPBA Updates

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We are now providing member certificates and online badges for both full and probationary members, please contact us via this form to request your certificate.

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RPBA Member Success Stories

My partner and I will be forever grateful to Georgie for gifting us our beautiful Indy. She is now 4 months old, and she is so beautiful (inside & out!). She is very intelligent, and is the most friendly and kind-natured pup, to both people and other animals. Georgie was so amazing throughout the whole process, caring and informative each step of the way – it was very evident from the beginning that she was a highly professional breeder who cared greatly for the animals in her care. I truly believe that Georgie has a terrific knack for picking out each animal individually for each owner’s individual needs/personality. Indy was my soulmate from the minute she arrived, and I couldn’t have dreamed a better pup myself. Thank you so much, Georgie. RPBA Member 295.

Dealing with Georgie was an absolute pleasure, nothing was to hard and would always go out of her way to make sure everything went smoothly. Would highly recommend Georgie and her beautiful puppies, she did an amazing job looking after them, and also the care she has for them even after they have gone to new homes she is there for non stop support. Am looking forward to the future and maybe another puppy. Can’t thank you enough for letting us have such a awesome puppy who is very spoilt. Georgie RPBA Member 295.

RPBA success storyRPBA success story georgie

Without Adrian, we would not have had our beautiful cavoodle girl Bonnie! She has been the absolute best addition to our family and our lives. We now are more active ourselves (which is a plus in itself!), and have that missing part of our lives that we never would have thought!

Thank you so much Adrian. Very good communication from start to finish which made us feel very comfortable and having that peace of mind. RPBA Member 103.

RPBA Registered Cavoodle BreederResponsible Pet Breeder Success Story

I’m so grateful for our beautiful boy, thank you for all your ongoing support and help answering all my questions. Post pick up responsiveness was very helpful to assist our pup to settle in.

RPBA Cavoodle BreederRegistered Cavoodle Breeder RPBA

What Is Your Favourite Premium Dog Food?

Calling all readers and members, please let us know what is your favourite premium dog food that you like to feed your beloved pet(s)?

We are looking for the most recommended Australian premium dog food brands for 2021.

Please share your success story or let us know your favourite brand via email or our contact form and we will add your vote to the poll below.

Science Diet
Royal Canin

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