Responsible Pet Breeders Australia (RPBA) is in proud partnership with PetsForHomes. The goal of PetsForHomes is to become Australia’s most trusted place to find a fur family member; connecting pet lovers with responsible breeders & pets for adoption nationwide.

All listings on PetsForHomes from RPBA registered members which include their RPBA member numbers within their ads will be featured on this page.

Verify An RPBA Registered Breeder

We have created a new verify breeder search functionality to help the public verify RPBA registered breeders.

How it works:

  • No personal details are provided when dealing with a member of the public
  • If you provide someone with the phone number associated with your RPBA membership, they can verify your membership at our Verify Breeder Page
  • A member of our team will either confirm or deny that the details match.
  • Please ensure that your details are up to date with RPBA so that we can verify you as a breeder

Please note we will never hand out any personal details without your permission. This is simply a service feature we offer to confirm or deny that you are a member.

Copy and paste the below link (add your membership number in the blank) and share it to your website, social media, or ad page.

I’m an RPBA registered breeder, number _____. You can verify this here:


RPBA Member Number: 7667


RPBA Member Number: 7183


RPBA Member Number: 6821 


RPBA Member Number: 6290 


RPBA Member Number: 4843

standard poodle poodle


RPBA Member Number: 3158


RPBA Member Number: 1332


RPBA Member Number: 385


RPBA Member Number: 1024

How To Get Your Free Top Ad On PetsForHomes For RPBA Members

All RPBA members also have access to 1 x free upgraded ‘top ad’ on

Also all pet listings on PetsForHomes displaying RPBA member numbers will be featured on the RPBA ‘Pets For Homes’ page at no cost. This will be updated once a week.

  1. Go to ‘Post An Ad’ on website, 2. register, 3. follow the prompts for your ad to be upgraded to a FREE ‘top-ad’ on PetsForHomes.

If you have any questions or issues posting your ad, you can send us an email at [email protected] and we can assist in uploading your ad.