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Dachshund Breeders

Discover your perfect Dachshund puppy from our RPBA registered Dachshund breeders. At Responsible Pet Breeders Australia, we are steadfast in our commitment to ethical pet breeding and the nurturing of companion animals, regardless of their breed.

To ensure this, we mandate that all our registered dog breeders comply with our Code of Ethics and standards, and abide by state and local laws.

Before choosing your new furry family member, we recommend that potential owners familiarise themselves with the unique requirements of the Dachshund dog breed.

By doing so, you’ll be well-equipped to provide your new pet with the best possible care and a suitable living environment.

Our RPBA full members possess a wealth of knowledge in dog breeding, and they adhere to the highest standards when raising and caring for puppies and adult dogs alike.

Demonstrate your support for responsible breeding by selecting a Dachshund breeder from the RPBA roster of Australian breeders.

To verify that a RPBA breeder’s details match our records, click here.

All Dachshund breeders within our organisation are held to our rigorous Code of Ethics and must comply with relevant state and local regulations.

Our members undergo thorough assessments and veterinary inspections before advancing from probationary to full RPBA membership. If you are looking to become a registered breeder with RPBA, click here.

Dachshund Breeders

Member IDFirst NameStateBreedMembership Level
1232Wendy JoanQLDDachshundFull Member (Level 2)
4773JennyVICDachshundFull Member (Level 2)
8161RhonaVICDachshundFull Member (Level 2)
10831NicoleNSWDachshundFull Member (Level 2)
1319TraceyNSWDachshundFull Member (Level 2)
7453NirvanaWADachshundFull Member (Level 2)
668TimNSWDachshundProbationary Member (Level 1)
972RobertQLDDachshundProbationary Member (Level 1)
1199MeishaQLDDachshundProbationary Member (Level 1)
3176ChenelleVICDachshundProbationary Member (Level 1)
3187ReneeQLDDachshundProbationary Member (Level 1)
3723HayleyNSWDachshundProbationary Member (Level 1)
3908MorgenQLDDachshundProbationary Member (Level 1)
4015Agatha TinaNSWDachshundProbationary Member (Level 1)
4145RuthSADachshundProbationary Member (Level 1)
4243LeandraQLDDachshundProbationary Member (Level 1)
4287AshleighQLDDachshundProbationary Member (Level 1)
5116AmyNSWDachshundProbationary Member (Level 1)
5409HarveyQLDDachshundProbationary Member (Level 1)
7322AnthonySADachshundProbationary Member (Level 1)
7358BellaQLDDachshundProbationary Member (Level 1)
7510SimoneNSWDachshundProbationary Member (Level 1)
7518VincentWADachshundProbationary Member (Level 1)
7934LeanneWADachshundProbationary Member (Level 1)
8354JanQLDDachshundProbationary Member (Level 1)
8729JoshuaQLDDachshundProbationary Member (Level 1)
8870DibaQLDDachshundProbationary Member (Level 1)
9060HannahQLDDachshundProbationary Member (Level 1)
9220KeeganQLDDachshundProbationary Member (Level 1)
9671JordanQLDDachshundProbationary Member (Level 1)
10011Emma-JaneNSWDachshundProbationary Member (Level 1)
10456SharonQLDDachshundProbationary Member (Level 1)
10657KendallNSWDachshundProbationary Member (Level 1)
10798ClintQLDDachshundProbationary Member (Level 1)
10931MaysemNSWDachshundProbationary Member (Level 1)
11015AnnQLDDachshundProbationary Member (Level 1)
11051SarahQLDDachshundProbationary Member (Level 1)
11190LisaNSWDachshundProbationary Member (Level 1)
5499CourtneyQLDDachshundProbationary Member (Level 1)
5646DeeQLDDachshundProbationary Member (Level 1)
11398KaylaNSWDachshundProbationary Member (Level 1)
11525RebeccaNSWDachshundProbationary Member (Level 1)
6133KeshiaNSWDachshundProbationary Member (Level 1)
1099JenniferWADachshundProbationary Member (Level 1)
12315SamanthaNSWDachshundProbationary Member (Level 1)
8404MarianneQLDDachshundProbationary Member (Level 1)
2265AngelaNSWDachshundProbationary Member (Level 1)
7172JeanVICDachshundProbationary Member (Level 1)
7296AdeleNSWDachshundProbationary Member (Level 1)
7882KristyQLDDachshundProbationary Member (Level 1)
12801KristyNSWDachshundProbationary Member (Level 1)
6492JoyNSWDachshundProbationary Member (Level 1)
6752MalinQLDDachshundProbationary Member (Level 1)
7676DanielNSWDachshundProbationary Member (Level 1)
8553HelgaNSWDachshundProbationary Member (Level 1)
8795KellyNSWDachshundProbationary Member (Level 1)
8082LynelleQLDDachshundProbationary Member (Level 1)
13192CorneliusNSWDachshundProbationary Member (Level 1)
13241JudyWADachshundProbationary Member (Level 1)
13423AmandaNSWDachshundProbationary Member (Level 1)
13429TabathaNSWDachshundProbationary Member (Level 1)
13557AlanaQLDDachshundProbationary Member (Level 1)
7953RaymondQLDDachshundProbationary Member (Level 1)
13791LauraNSWDachshundProbationary Member (Level 1)
13842JoleaneNSWDachshundProbationary Member (Level 1)
15102ElleanorQLDDachshundProbationary Member (Level 1)
14708BriannaVICDachshundProbationary Member (Level 1)
14835KristyQLDDachshundProbationary Member (Level 1)
15068NicholasNSWDachshundProbationary Member (Level 1)
15979MelissaTASDachshundProbationary Member (Level 1)
15542CharlesNSWDachshundProbationary Member (Level 1)
15553JessVICDachshundProbationary Member (Level 1)
15716CharlotteNSWDachshundProbationary Member (Level 1)
15692JabryWADachshundProbationary Member (Level 1)
15919MelissaNSWDachshundProbationary Member (Level 1)
16023AshleyQLDDachshundProbationary Member (Level 1)

It can often be overwhelming to navigate through all your options when searching for Dachshund or Mini Dachshund breeders. At RPBA we recognise that the well-being of your future pet relies heavily on the calibre of the breeder you choose. We have written a series of informative blog posts to assist you in your search:

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