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Golden Retriever Breeders

The breeders below are registered as RPBA Golden Retriever breeders. RPBA is committed to promoting ethical breeding of all pets, regardless of pedigree. As such, we expect all our registered dog breeders to uphold our Code of Ethics and standards, as well as abide by their state and local laws.

Find your next dog from a responsible Golden Retriever breeder. We encourage buyers to research the training, nutrition and exercise requirements of their chosen breed before engaging in any deals with breeders so they know what to expect.

RPBA expects all its registered breeders to have extensive knowledge about the best practices of dog breeding and care. Support responsible breeders by choosing one of RPBA’s breeders.

You can verify that a RPBA breeder’s details match our records by clicking here.

Our Golden Retriever breeders must follow our Code of Ethics as well as all state and local legislation. We conduct thorough assessments before allowing probationary members to become full RPBA members. If you are interested in becoming a RPBA breeder, click here.

Golden Retriever Breeders

Member IDFirst NameStateBreed
475LucyNSWGolden Retriever
1177SonjaNSWGolden Retriever
1259WendyWAGolden Retriever
1656DavidVICGolden Retriever
1767DorothyQLDGolden Retriever
1781KristyWAGolden Retriever
1952HarryNSWGolden Retriever
2665AliciaVICGolden Retriever
2725SarahVICGolden Retriever
2830PamQLDGolden Retriever
2895FionaVICGolden Retriever
2992MelissaWAGolden Retriever
3069MelindaWAGolden Retriever
3487SilingWAGolden Retriever
3802DavidSAGolden Retriever
4027KirstenQLDGolden Retriever
4141TenilleNSWGolden Retriever
4360RohanACTGolden Retriever
4361TanyaNSWGolden Retriever
4535LisaQLDGolden Retriever
4791JenniferWAGolden Retriever
5234StaceySAGolden Retriever
6009BrookeNSWGolden Retriever
6097RusselWAGolden Retriever
6122RebekahWAGolden Retriever
6314TroyNSWGolden Retriever
6474DeborahQLDGolden Retriever
6551AthaliaVICGolden Retriever
6570Paul TaehunWAGolden Retriever
6740WilhelmusSAGolden Retriever
6877RolandVICGolden Retriever
6958TobyQLDGolden Retriever
7228MeganSAGolden Retriever
7317AmyQLDGolden Retriever
7479AmeliaWAGolden Retriever
7504JuliaNSWGolden Retriever
7567HannahSAGolden Retriever
7651CorinaWAGolden Retriever
7879BrookeQLDGolden Retriever
8218TeeganNSWGolden Retriever
8364TrentNSWGolden Retriever
8480SooryaVICGolden Retriever
8497MelodyQLDGolden Retriever
8694JohnathonWAGolden Retriever
8945WendyQLDGolden Retriever
8958KaylaNSWGolden Retriever
9300HarryQLDGolden Retriever
9328JennaQLDGolden Retriever
9444NicholasQLDGolden Retriever
9448KerrienswGolden Retriever
9634HelenNSWGolden Retriever
9776JasonQLDGolden Retriever
9852AldonVICGolden Retriever
10113TanyaWAGolden Retriever
10158GaenorNSWGolden Retriever
10427BronwynSAGolden Retriever
10459MadisonWAGolden Retriever
10464JacintaVICGolden Retriever
10706BrittanyQLDGolden Retriever
10850SallyTASGolden Retriever
10916JamesQLDGolden Retriever
10929DanielleNSWGolden Retriever
11012AnnetteSAGolden Retriever
11085SimonSAGolden Retriever
11104HayleeQLDGolden Retriever
11165HayleyQLDGolden Retriever
11224ChristineVICGolden Retriever
11477HarniNSWGolden Retriever
11748RosslynnNSWGolden Retriever
11876MiaSAGolden Retriever
11925KylieNSWGolden Retriever
12129RubyNSWGolden Retriever
12178KimberleySAGolden Retriever
12264WendyQLDGolden Retriever
12352HannahNSWGolden Retriever
12832AnitaQLDGolden Retriever
12876SamVICGolden Retriever
12883TroyNSWGolden Retriever
12923BrodieSAGolden Retriever
12943AudreeNSWGolden Retriever
12962MaryVICGolden Retriever
13152KerynQLDGolden Retriever
13355RochelleSAGolden Retriever
13359YeikelQLDGolden Retriever
13401NoelVICGolden Retriever
13403NatalieVICGolden Retriever
13593RachelWAGolden Retriever
13652ChloeQLDGolden Retriever
13886RhysWAGolden Retriever
13926PhilipSAGolden Retriever
13986ReneeQLDGolden Retriever
14124JohnVICGolden Retriever
14191Yu QVICGolden Retriever
14195ShareneVICGolden Retriever
14202NicoleVICGolden Retriever
14278ClaireNSWGolden Retriever
14319HayleyWAGolden Retriever
14322RhyllVICGolden Retriever
14400CraigNSWGolden Retriever
14417YasarVICGolden Retriever
14577ChristineVICGolden Retriever
14593KerryNSWGolden Retriever
14619NikkileeQLDGolden Retriever
14694MichaelNSWGolden Retriever
14701NgocWAGolden Retriever
14713CourtneyVICGolden Retriever
14756NikkiNSWGolden Retriever
14771ZoranVICGolden Retriever
14803VanessaNSWGolden Retriever
14805BeauWAGolden Retriever
14844HannahNSWGolden Retriever
14905KathrynQLDGolden Retriever
14926TobinQLDGolden Retriever
14957AzaleaVICGolden Retriever
14982EmmaVICGolden Retriever
14984AncaVICGolden Retriever
14985NicoleVICGolden Retriever
14995TiffanyNSWGolden Retriever
15040SuzanNSWGolden Retriever
15046CearaNSWGolden Retriever
15079AmyTASGolden Retriever
15161AndreaVICGolden Retriever
15169BreVICGolden Retriever
15176YangNSWGolden Retriever
15194LeonQLDGolden Retriever
15204RossNSWGolden Retriever
15219KatieNSWGolden Retriever
15244KatherineNSWGolden Retriever
15405ScottNSWGolden Retriever

If you’ve ever searched for “golden retriever breeders near me” then you know how challenging it is to find a reputable breeder. The quality of your pet’s life is highly dependent on the quality of the breeder you find, so we’ve created some blog posts with information that may be useful during your search:

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