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Groodle Breeders

The breeders listed below are RPBA registered Groodle breeders. The RPBA expects that all members in this list will uphold the RPBA Code of Ethics and standards, as well as abide by state legislation for the care and raising of their animals.

Find your next dog from a responsible Groodle breeder. Before selecting a breeder, do your homework to understand the traits and needs of your chosen breed. You can help to ensure that you are supporting ethical breeders by purchasing your pet from a breeder registered with the RPBA.

When speaking with a breeder, ask questions about the care involved in raising and living with one of their dogs, as they should have a wealth of knowledge about the breed. Choosing a pet from a breeder registered with RPBA will help to ensure that you are supporting ethical breeders. Click here to verify that breeder details match those in the RPBA’s records.

Our registered Groodle (Goldendoodle) breeders and Mini Groodle breeders must follow our Code of Ethics as well as all state and local legislation to ensure the best standard of care for their pets. To become an RPBA breeder, click here.

Groodle Breeders

Member IDFirst NameStateBreedMembership Level
2404KerryQLDGroodleFull Member (Level 2)
6779SonniaQLDGroodleFull Member (Level 2)
9574HelenNSWGroodleFull Member (Level 2)
10497SarahNSWGroodleFull Member (Level 2)
11353BruceVICGroodleFull Member (Level 2)
9069AmandaQLDGroodleFull Member (Level 2)
13533LeanneVICGroodleFull Member (Level 2)
14346TaylaVICGroodleFull Member (Level 2)
15621NiamhWAGroodleFull Member (Level 2)
1130GregQLDGroodleProbationary Member (Level 1)
1555KristyVICGroodleProbationary Member (Level 1)
1786ChantelNSWGroodleProbationary Member (Level 1)
4900JenniferNSWGroodleProbationary Member (Level 1)
5544MatthewQLDGroodleProbationary Member (Level 1)
5545AdamNSWGroodleProbationary Member (Level 1)
7612ToonaVICGroodleProbationary Member (Level 1)
10004JillWAGroodleProbationary Member (Level 1)
10377MelanieNSWGroodleProbationary Member (Level 1)
10481EllenaTASGroodleProbationary Member (Level 1)
10440CaraNSWGroodleProbationary Member (Level 1)
10576CraigQLDGroodleProbationary Member (Level 1)
11038AnitaSAGroodleProbationary Member (Level 1)
11069VeraNSWGroodleProbationary Member (Level 1)
11543DonnaWAGroodleProbationary Member (Level 1)
11283AdamNSWGroodleProbationary Member (Level 1)
12076SamuelNSWGroodleProbationary Member (Level 1)
12073NaomiNSWGroodleProbationary Member (Level 1)
549LynneNSWGroodleProbationary Member (Level 1)
6327JohnNSWGroodleProbationary Member (Level 1)
6739SarahQLDGroodleProbationary Member (Level 1)
8902AngelaQLDGroodleProbationary Member (Level 1)
6970SiobhanQLDGroodleProbationary Member (Level 1)
12995AdrianSAGroodleProbationary Member (Level 1)
13796CatharinaNSWGroodleProbationary Member (Level 1)
13210PeterVICGroodleProbationary Member (Level 1)
13302JamesVICGroodleProbationary Member (Level 1)
13418SueVICGroodleProbationary Member (Level 1)
14000ErinVICGroodleProbationary Member (Level 1)
13489TorinaVICGroodleProbationary Member (Level 1)
14123SusanWAGroodleProbationary Member (Level 1)
14525AbbeySAGroodleProbationary Member (Level 1)
13742JasmineSAGroodleProbationary Member (Level 1)
13967NicoleVICGroodleProbationary Member (Level 1)
13981TaraNSWGroodleProbationary Member (Level 1)
13997JodieSAGroodleProbationary Member (Level 1)
14099MartinQLDGroodleProbationary Member (Level 1)
14552NicoleNSWGroodleProbationary Member (Level 1)
14620CorneliaQLDGroodleProbationary Member (Level 1)
15793PeterNSWGroodleProbationary Member (Level 1)
14704KateQLDGroodleProbationary Member (Level 1)
14650RosemaryQLDGroodleProbationary Member (Level 1)
14857ChristinaQLDGroodleProbationary Member (Level 1)
14794YiWAGroodleProbationary Member (Level 1)
14912HollieNSWGroodleProbationary Member (Level 1)
15010RebeccaSAGroodleProbationary Member (Level 1)
12111LisaWAGroodleProbationary Member (Level 1)
15587AnneNSWGroodleProbationary Member (Level 1)
15685RussellWAGroodleProbationary Member (Level 1)
15659SimoneVICGroodleProbationary Member (Level 1)
15833KarenTASGroodleProbationary Member (Level 1)
15870ZeynepVICGroodleProbationary Member (Level 1)
15996MichaelaNSWGroodleProbationary Member (Level 1)
15989SuyeonNSWGroodleProbationary Member (Level 1)
15878SarahWAGroodleProbationary Member (Level 1)
15939CaraWAGroodleProbationary Member (Level 1)
15938AnushkaVICGroodleProbationary Member (Level 1)
15960JosephWAGroodleProbationary Member (Level 1)
15974MaddisonVICGroodleProbationary Member (Level 1)

Dogs are intelligent, empathic animals, and accountable pet ownership means that you need to ensure that they have plenty of stimulation and socialisation. Getting your dog from the best Groodle breeders gives you a head start on these crucial parts of dog ownership.

Responsible pet ownership starts with finding the right breeder. To help, we’ve created some blog posts with information that may be useful during your search:

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