Dog Breeders Tasmania

Dog Breeders

The below shows members who are RPBA registered dog breeders in Tasmania. Search to find and verify our members who are located within Tasmania.

Find your next companion animal from responsible pet breeders located in Tasmania. Before deciding on a breeder and choosing a pet, always ensure that you have done your own research into pet care requirements. By choosing a pet from an RPBA registered breeder, you will be supporting breeders who are responsible and ethical in the raising of their animals.

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RPBA members in Tasmania must follow our code of ethics as well as Tasmanian state legislation to ensure that their pets are being cared for. To become an RPBA breeder, click here. Learn how to become a registered breeder with RPBA and download our free dog breeder guide.

Dog Breeders Tasmania

Member#First NameStateBreed
182LesleyTAS Toy Poodle
228SuzyTASCocker Spaniel
618StellaTASToy Poodle
851CarolTASMaltese cross Shih Tzu, Cavoodle
996KymTASToy Cavoodle
1180RichardTASBorder Collie
1622JacquelineTASToy Poodle
2092KathyTASBorder Collie
2179KathrynTASToy Poodle
2324MichaelTASChihuahua, Jack Russell Terrier
2375KerryTASBorder Collie
2626CrystalTASCavoodle, Shmoodle, Shoodle
3024KylieTASCavalier King Charles Spaniel cross Maltese, Toy Poodle
3729AaronTASMiniature Dachshund
3784IzakTASMiniature Dachshund
3907NeilTASChihuahua, Maltese, Shih Tzu
4767JessieTASGerman Shepherd, Jack Russell Terrier
5189LeveaTASCavoodle cross Schnauzer
5497NicoleTASChihuahua, Pomeranian
5537LynTASCavoodle cross Maltese
6148KeishaTASDachshund, Maltese cross Shih Tzu
6651LouiseTASAmerican Staffordshire Bull Terrier, Bullmastiff
6827KimTASJack Russel Terrier cross Poodle, Maltese cross Shih Tzu
6972WayneTASMaltese cross Shih Tzu
7277TamaraTASMaltese cross Shih Tzu
8019MichelleTASToy Poodle
8270ScottTASBorder Collie
8323EmilyTASEnglish Springer Spaniel, Jack Russell Terrier, British Shorthair, Ragdoll
8344MargaretTASChihuahua cross Poodle
8509JamieTASEnglish Staffordshire Bull Terrier
9019LouiseTASAmerican Bulldog cross Boerboel
9053AndrewTASBorder Collie cross Kelpie
9130JamieTASBorder Collie
9407MyrnaTASFinnish Lapphund cross German Shepherd
9483RachelTASJack Russell Terrier
9539DavidTASCattle Dog
9615ScottTASMiniature Fox Terrier
9831SharleneTASToy Poodle
9894JanTASGerman Shorthaired Pointer
10016ShannonTASJack Russell Terrier
10091AngelaTASGolden Retriever
10185AmyTASBorder Collie, Cattle Dog, Smithfield
10240JudithTASGerman Wirehaired Pointer
10402SamTASGerman Shorthaired Pointer
10457LisaTASMiniature Dachshund
10489JackTASMiniature Dachshund
10671KlaraTASGerman Shorthaired Pointer, Kelpie
10730ShariiTASMini Fox Terrier
10746PaulTASGerman Shepherd
10850SallyTASGolden Retriever
10924SamuelTASMaltese cross Shih Tzu
10959TimTASBorder Collie
10985RobinTASLabrador cross German Shepherd
11073VeronicaTASMaltese cross Shih Tzu, Schmoodle
11108MadeleineTASToy Poodle, Maltese, Maltese cross Pekingese, Moodle
11123LeaTASToy Poodle
11145BarryTASGerman wire hair pointer
11145BarryTASGerman Wirehaired Pointer
11149AliciaTASLabrador Retriever cross Hungarian Vizsla
11188AngelaTASMaltese cross Shih Tzu
11237DanielleTASAustralian Cattle Dog, Blue Heeler
11239Virginia-AnnTASBorder Collie
11289LucyTASGerman Shorthaired Pointer
11311MarkTASBoerboel, Neapolitan Mastiff
11340BrodeyTASGerman Shepherd
11346CharlotteTASGerman Shepard
11346CharlotteTASGerman Shepard
11390MatthewTASGerman Shorthaired Pointer
It is important that your dog has enough physical exercise and stimulation in order to ensure a happy pet. Taking your dog to new areas can help you bond and help to ensure that they stay active and healthy. Some great dog-friendly parks and beaches in Tasmania include:
  • Kingston Dog Beach, near Hobart: Dogs are allowed to play off-leash where Browns River meets Derwent. Expect some gentle waves occasionally.
  • Loontitetermairrelehoiner, Swansea: a leisurely walking track with stunning views across the Freycinet Peninsula and Schouten Island.
  • Halls Falls, Pyengana: a gorgeous forest walk where you can find hidden rock pools along the way to a waterfall.
  • Bicheno Hills Reserve, Bicheno: a wonderful off-leash exercise area where your dog can roam free.