RPBA Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Due to the overwhelming amount of inquiries we get every day, we have put together the top most asked questions for members. Hopefully this helps answer your questions.


Can I become a member?

Yes, as long as you agree to follow our code of ethics, best practice animal welfare standards and your state’s legislation in regards to pets and breeders. 

Members must declare that they are in compliance with their state’s legislation in regards to pets and breeding. 

Members must declare that they do and will always follow best practices and uphold animal welfare standards for their animals.

For more information and to become an RPBA member, please go to: https://responsiblepetbreeders.com.au/membership/

Please note that we do not accept breeders with more than 10 breeding bitches. And we do not accept breeders who have been found guilty for any animal welfare or cruelty offences. 


Do you accept purebreds and cross breds?

Yes we do! We are an inclusive club and we believe that both pedigree and non pedigree breeders should follow the same level of care and consideration. Responsible Pet Breeders Australia is all about the responsible and ethical upbringing of all breeds.


How long does it take to become an approved member?

Once your application is completed in full and received, it will be reviewed by RPBA between 1 – 7 days. If further information is required, you will be contacted. Sometimes we may request further information or photos if they are unclear, ensure you check your email or junk mail in case we have contacted you.


Where can I find my member number?

After your membership application has been approved, you will receive an email with your membership number – be sure to check your junk mail folder as well.

It will also be visible live under our website’s probationary or full member list. Just click on the relevant tab at the top of the home page ‘dog breeders’ or ‘cat breeders’.


Why hasn’t my membership gone through?

After checkout, you will automatically get redirected to a member application form which you will need to fill out. Please ensure that the form has been fully completed. Our team will review your application and be in touch if there is any information missing. 

If you do not get redirected to this form after payment, please contact us at [email protected] so we can send you the form.


My membership application form will not submit, it is not working?

It may not work/submit due to the following reasons:

  • The photos you submitted are not in JPG format.
  • The image file size is too large. 
  • Problems with your browser.

Please ensure your images are no larger than 3MB and are only in JPG format. Alternatively, you can submit your information without photos and email your photos direct to [email protected] and we can process it for you. Please allow 5 business days for processing.


Why has my membership been declined?

We have zero-tolerance for puppy farms and will report any suspicious activities to the RSPCA and local authorities. If it appears that you do not comply with our code of ethics and your state’s legislation, we cannot approve your membership application with the RPBA. 

Your membership may be declined or canceled if we have received complaints from members of the public, or if the photos provided of your animal’s housing and living areas are deemed to be inadequate. 


What payment method can I use?

Payments can be made via credit card, debit card or with a PayPal account. Please note that all payments are processed by our third-party provider PayPal.


Do I need a PayPal account to sign up?

No, you do not need a PayPal account, as during checkout you will be given the option to pay via PayPal login or a credit card or debit card without a PayPal account needed. Please note that all payments are processed by our third party provider PayPal.


What if my payment is declined?

Check that you have the correct and up to date details on PayPal. It may be as simple as an expired credit/debit card on file. This can only be updated by you, via your PayPal account.


I’m already a probationary member. How can I become a full member?

To become a full member, after you have first joined as a probationary member, upon email request we will send you a RPBA veterinary audit which can be completed by any practicing veterinarian. A request for additional photos may be needed.

Once this audit has been completed and emailed back to us, we may contact your vet and confirm completion. Once this has been finalised, we will confirm this with you via email and your member ID details will then be moved to our full member list.


How can I get a veterinary audit?

After becoming a probationary member, upon email request, we will send you a veterinary audit to be completed by your vet. You can have any practicing veterinarian of choice attend your location to fill out/complete the audit. Once this has been emailed back to us, we may contact your vet to confirm. Please note only probationary RPBA members will receive a copy of the audit.


How can I do DNA testing? 

We have a partnership with Orivet who offer our full RPBA members discounted DNA testing. Once you are a full RPBA member, please email us for more information and we will send you the details.


Do you provide member discounts?

Yes! We have partnered with a number of companies who have exclusive discounts and offers specially for RPBA members. This includes DNA testing for (full members), highest quality pet food discounts, advertising site features, etc. 


How can I cancel my RPBA membership?

This can be done via PayPal under “recurring payments”. Click cancel to ensure that your membership payment does not automatically roll over. Once this is done, please let us know so we can remove you from our database.


How can I claim my discounted dog food with BlackHawk?

Once you become a member we will provide you with a link to sign up to access discounted BlackHawk food direct from them. This is only available to active RPBA members and is checked monthly. 


How can I check for an RPBA member?

We recommended that you cross-reference and check our member database before finding a pet to ensure that they are a member of RPBA. 

This can be done by clicking on the relevant tab at the top of the home page ‘dog breeders’ or ‘cat breeders’ and searching under our probationary members or full members

And through contacting us via email we can help verify.


The details the breeder is using doesn’t match the RPBA membership list on your site?

Contact us with as much information as you can. We will happily cross-reference for you and advise if they are a genuine RPBA member.


How do I know if a person with a RPBA number is legitimate?

For the safety and privacy of our members we cannot hand out their personal contact details.

As such, please provide us with as much information as you can on the breeder and we can cross reference our records to let you know if it matches. As much of the following as possible would be useful (full name, RPBA membership number, email, phone, address, link to website etc). If you are unsure, reach out to them and ask them to provide the information that would be registered with us.


What if I think an RPBA breeder is not abiding by RPBA’s code of ethics and/or state legislation?

Contact us immediately with more information so that we can investigate further. We take non-compliance very seriously. Please ensure you contact us with the issue and include where in the RPBA Code of Ethics and Standards  has the member breached.


I have an RPBA number. Do I still need a council/state BIN number?

Yes, all members are required to still display a BIN number or source number within their ad. 


What happens if I’ve bought an animal from an RPBA member but cannot continue to care for it and need to re-home it?

RPBA members are committed to helping any of their owners in the re-homing of an animal. If the owner contacts the RPBA member, they will assist in the re-homing of that animal at anytime during its lifetime.