Find A Member: RPBA Registered Cat Breeders

Our goal is to ensure the health and welfare of all breeding cats and kittens owned and sold by RPBA members. Our breeders are committed to providing their animals with hygienic housing, plenty of space to move, social stimulation, an excellent diet, grooming, and prompt medical attention when required. All RPBA members abide by a strict set of ethical guidelines, which you can find on our About Us page.

Before purchasing a kitten, please note that we have two membership levels.

  1. Probationary Members cat breeder must adhere to our strict Code Of Ethics, but they haven’t yet had a vet assess and approve their property. They have to do this in order to become a full RPBA member. The RPBA Probationary Members List can be used to verify the breeder’s name and phone number with the RPBA membership number. The RPBA advises you take precautions when purchasing a kitten/cat. Probationary members must submit an audit of their premises by a practising veterinarian, who will ensure the conditions their animals are kept in adhere to our rules and to for them to become a full RPBA member. Note our probationary members have not been audited and members will be suspended if the RPBA Code of Ethics and Standards are not met.
  2. Full Members cat breeders have had their property inspected/audited by a veterinarian, follow and understand best practices and abide by the same rules above and uphold the RPBA code of ethics and standards.

Please contact us via our Verify Breeder page to ensure that our records match the details given to you if you cannot locate a member’s details on both the probationary or full members lists. 

Remember, for all animals purchased from an RPBA member, there’s a mandatory three-day cooling-off period, in which you can return your pet and receive a refund. Also, our breeders commit to a lifetime rehoming guarantee, which means that if for any reason you can’t continue to care for your cat in years to come, your breeder will help you rehome them.

We recommend that our breeders never mate a female under ten months of age and that she has no more than two litters every twelve months, allowing the mother time to heal. Our members must ensure that breeding cats are kept in the best health possible, fully recovered and that they’ll cease breeding with a cat if it becomes apparent that he or she has genetic defects that may affect kittens.

When purchasing a kitten, please note that your kitten should be at least 8 weeks of age, and must be vaccinated and microchipped. We recommend that all kittens be desexed once they reach 1kg in weight, or otherwise when their vet decides they’re ready. Kittens that have an infectious disease cannot be sold until that disease is cured, and any health defects must be brought to the attention of owners prior to sale.

Our code of ethics and further details can be found on our About Us page. Remember, it’s important that you meet with the breeder and meet the parents of your kitten whenever possible. It’s the best way to tell what sort of size and temperament your adult cat will have in the future.   

We hope you find a suitable loving feline companion/family member.