Registered Dog Breeders Canberra

Registered Dog Breeders

The breeders listed below are RPBA dog breeders located in the Australian Capital Territory this includes RPBA registered dog breeders in Canberra and the ACT.

To apply to become an RPBA member, click here. Learn how to become a registered breeder with RPBA and download our free dog breeder guide.

Members on this list are located within Canberra or the ACT and must abide by the RPBA Code of Ethics as well as ACT state legislation.

Find your next companion through responsible pet breeders in the ACT. Before selecting a breeder, do your homework to understand the requirements needed to care for a dog. You can help to ensure that you are supporting ethical breeders by purchasing your pet from a breeder registered with the RPBA. Click here to verify that breeder details match those in the RPBA’s records.

Registered Dog Breeders Canberra, ACT

Member#First NameStateBreed
4360RohanACTGolden Retriever
4419ArabelleACTRough Collie
5619DhuhaACTCavoodle, Maltese
5701HeatherACTFox Terrier
7650ZaraACTToy Cavoodle
Responsible dog ownership means ensuring that your dog gets enough exercise and socialisation. Dog parks located in the ACT include:
  • Casey Dog Park (also known as Springbank Rise Dog Park): with two separate areas for small and large dogs, this park is well known for its friendly fellow canine owners.
  • Googong Barkley Dog Park: boasting plenty of space to play, dog agility equipment, and a central pond ‘adventure island’, this dog park a few minutes from Queanbeyan is a local favourite, with stunning mountain views to top it off.
  • Yass dog park: with three seperate fenced areas for dogs of all sizes and confidence levels, this dog park has plenty of parking, shaded areas, and even offers a footpath that runs alongside the river.
  • The Scar: located in Karabar, this dog park has agility activities, fresh drinking water, and plenty of welcoming regulars.