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Outgoing, curious and affectionate

About the Cavoodle

The Cavoodle is a cross between a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and a Miniature or Toy Poodle. Most of these dogs are gentle and sweet, and make for excellent house pets. While they are intended to be companion dogs, they are endlessly curious and eager to learn.

Because they’re a crossbreed, their traits can vary from dog to dog, even within the same litter. However, they are often kind, friendly animals who love being around humans and other dogs.

Even though they are companion dogs, they’re smart and sensitive creatures, and can be trained to be effective therapy dogs.

brown cavoodle on a bed

Cavoodle Breed Characteristics

Up to 35 cm at the shoulder

10 to 25 pounds

Life Expectancy
10 to 14 years

Coat Colours
Chestnut, white, cream, fawn, chocolate, tricolour

Here are some of the qualities you can expect from the Cavoodle, rated from one to five stars. However, all dogs are individuals, and your dog may not display exactly the same characteristics.

Family Life
Friendly with Kids
Friendly with Dogs
Ease of Grooming
Exercise Needs
Prey Drive
Tendency to Bark or Howl
Good for Novice Owners
Apartment Living

Cavoodle Breed History

The Cavoodle has only recently become popular, though Poodle mixes have been around for well over half a century. It is believed that the Cavoodle was first bred intentionally in Australia in the 1950s, though there is some debate around that.

The hypoallergenic nature of most Cavoodles makes it very desirable for those who suffer from dog allergies. They have continued to grow in popularity, and there is an increasing call for it to be recognised as a breed on its own.

They make wonderful companions and therapy dogs, and you can expect their popularity to increase even more as time goes on.

Caring For a Cavoodle

How to Choose a Responsible Cavoodle Breeder

The choice of breeder has a large effect on the quality of your dog’s life. Buying your Cavoodle puppy from a responsible dog breeder will help ensure that the puppy you get will have a calm, even temperament. The breeder you’re getting your dog from should know the history of their breeding dogs and have a definite goal for their breeding program.

When looking for a puppy for sale, make an effort to visit the breeder and meet the dam and stud. You’ll be able to get a better gauge of the puppy’s adult traits.

RPBA Full Members are eligible to register their breeding Cavoodles and Theodores for RPBA Pedigree Papers.

Cavoodle FAQ

Cavoodles are adaptable, intelligent dogs, but they do need to be kept company for most of the day. They love their owners and can become sad and moody if left alone for too long.

While they don’t bark a great deal, Cavoodles are alert and watchful over their homes, and many Cavoodles will bark when strangers approach.

Yes, RPBA offer RPBA pedigree papers for Cavoodle or Theodore breeders.

Dog Breeds Similar to the Cavoodle

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