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Labrador Breeder

Included in the list below are the current RPBA Labrador breeders. Responsible Pet Breeders Australia is dedicated to the ethical breeding of all pets, and the proper care and raising of animals irrespective of their pedigree. As such, we require all our registered dog breeders to adhere to our Code of Ethics and standards and comply with state and local laws.

You can find your next housepet from a reputable Labrador breeder. We advise prospective buyers to look into the specific needs of the Labrador Retriever dog breed. It’s good to do this before entering into agreements with breeders so that they can ensure they are well-prepared for their new pet.

RPBA expects all its full members to have extensive knowledge of dog breeding and the best practices when raising and caring for both puppies and adult dogs. Show your support for responsible breeders by selecting one from the RPBA roster of Labrador breeders.

To verify that a RPBA breeder’s details match our records, click here.

Each RPBA Labrador breeder is obliged to adhere to our Code of Ethics and all applicable state and local regulations. All our members must undergo rigorous evaluations and veterinary inspections before probationary members are granted full RPBA membership. If you’re interested in becoming an RPBA breeder, click here.

Labrador Breeders

Member IDFirst NameStateBreedMembership Level
3477SamanthaNSWLabradorFull Member (Level 2)
4111AngelaSALabradorFull Member (Level 2)
10971RitaVICLabradorFull Member (Level 2)
3960DonnaVICLabradorFull Member (Level 2)
733TimNSWLabradorFull Member (Level 2)
763MargaretNSWLabradorFull Member (Level 2)
1610FrankVICLabradorFull Member (Level 2)
3470MalcolmNSWLabradorFull Member (Level 2)
3563SallyNSWLabradorFull Member (Level 2)
8798RhiannonNSWLabradorFull Member (Level 2)
15806JazminVICLabradorFull Member (Level 2)
524AnitaQLDLabradorProbationary Member (Level 1)
537SamanthaQLDLabradorProbationary Member (Level 1)
633AllisonQLDLabradorProbationary Member (Level 1)
993CharityWALabradorProbationary Member (Level 1)
1363TraceyNSWLabradorProbationary Member (Level 1)
1859NicoleQLDLabradorProbationary Member (Level 1)
1966KaceyQLDLabradorProbationary Member (Level 1)
2184GeorginaVICLabradorProbationary Member (Level 1)
2304CaitlinQLDLabradorProbationary Member (Level 1)
2428JadeQLDLabradorProbationary Member (Level 1)
2882ZongwenNSWLabradorProbationary Member (Level 1)
3726RebeccaVICLabradorProbationary Member (Level 1)
3835JosephVICLabradorProbationary Member (Level 1)
4161BrittanyQLDLabradorProbationary Member (Level 1)
4426KylieQLDLabradorProbationary Member (Level 1)
4599SandraWALabradorProbationary Member (Level 1)
4785JessNSWLabradorProbationary Member (Level 1)
4786KristinNSWLabradorProbationary Member (Level 1)
4823FrankWALabradorProbationary Member (Level 1)
4975OliverNSWLabradorProbationary Member (Level 1)
5208RhyseVICLabradorProbationary Member (Level 1)
5459Md FahimNSWLabradorProbationary Member (Level 1)
5472AnnaQLDLabradorProbationary Member (Level 1)
5907JamieQLDLabradorProbationary Member (Level 1)
6556HannahQLDLabradorProbationary Member (Level 1)
7498TiffanyQLDLabradorProbationary Member (Level 1)
7755MarkNSWLabradorProbationary Member (Level 1)
8043KatrinaNSWLabradorProbationary Member (Level 1)
8078KevinVICLabradorProbationary Member (Level 1)
8385LyndellVICLabradorProbationary Member (Level 1)
9383AnitaWALabradorProbationary Member (Level 1)
9502LindaNSWLabradorProbationary Member (Level 1)
9510KatrinaVICLabradorProbationary Member (Level 1)
9650MichelleQLDLabradorProbationary Member (Level 1)
9777JaredQLDLabradorProbationary Member (Level 1)
9780JaneTASLabradorProbationary Member (Level 1)
9887KylieQLDLabradorProbationary Member (Level 1)
10088ArizaWALabradorProbationary Member (Level 1)
10274BetaWALabradorProbationary Member (Level 1)
10341StephanieVICLabradorProbationary Member (Level 1)
10600KaylaNSWLabradorProbationary Member (Level 1)
11049AmandaQLDLabradorProbationary Member (Level 1)
11212JessWALabradorProbationary Member (Level 1)
2425PaulQLDLabradorProbationary Member (Level 1)
5577TrevorVICLabradorProbationary Member (Level 1)
5654MelissaSALabradorProbationary Member (Level 1)
11460JessicaVICLabradorProbationary Member (Level 1)
11516NaomiVICLabradorProbationary Member (Level 1)
11586LeeanneQLDLabradorProbationary Member (Level 1)
9559CarolineWALabradorProbationary Member (Level 1)
9728TiarneNSWLabradorProbationary Member (Level 1)
9573AngeliaQLDLabradorProbationary Member (Level 1)
11819DanielNSWLabradorProbationary Member (Level 1)
11989MoniqueWALabradorProbationary Member (Level 1)
12056TianieWALabradorProbationary Member (Level 1)
6112BrodieVICLabradorProbationary Member (Level 1)
211BruceQLDLabradorProbationary Member (Level 1)
1992SteveQLDLabradorProbationary Member (Level 1)
12334CourtneyNSWLabradorProbationary Member (Level 1)
3291BrettNSWLabradorProbationary Member (Level 1)
3845LucyQLDLabradorProbationary Member (Level 1)
2716MargotQLDLabradorProbationary Member (Level 1)
12696SharonWALabradorProbationary Member (Level 1)
9082DavidQLDLabradorProbationary Member (Level 1)
6260KarenQLDLabradorProbationary Member (Level 1)
6278JaneNSWLabradorProbationary Member (Level 1)
6678PaulNSWLabradorProbationary Member (Level 1)
12915MaryNSWLabradorProbationary Member (Level 1)
8905ScottVICLabradorProbationary Member (Level 1)
8936KatrinaWALabradorProbationary Member (Level 1)
13428ThomasVICLabradorProbationary Member (Level 1)
13556SallyVICLabradorProbationary Member (Level 1)
13567MirandaQLDLabradorProbationary Member (Level 1)
13644DanielVICLabradorProbationary Member (Level 1)
14299AnitaNSWLabradorProbationary Member (Level 1)
14719TraceyNSWLabradorProbationary Member (Level 1)
4885ChantelleQLDLabradorProbationary Member (Level 1)
15346MandyNSWLabradorProbationary Member (Level 1)
15949ChristineNSWLabradorProbationary Member (Level 1)
15995TraceyTASLabradorProbationary Member (Level 1)
16033KellieVICLabradorProbationary Member (Level 1)

If you’ve ever searched for “labrador breeders near me” then you know how many options there are – it can be dizzying to look through them all. The quality of your pet’s life is highly dependent on the quality of the breeder you find, so we’ve created some blog posts with information that may be useful during your search:

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