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Border Collie Breeders

The breeders listed below are RPBA registered Border Collie breeders. All the members in this list are expected to abide by state legislation for the care and raising of their animals, as well as uphold the RPBA Code of Ethics and standards.

Find your next dog from an ethical Border Collie breeder. All prospective RPBA buyers are encouraged to research the needs, traits and characteristics of their chosen dog breed before making any commitment to purchase a dog. 

Dogs are smart, sensitive creatures, and they deserve the best care that you can give them. When speaking to any breeder, ask questions about what is involved in raising and living with one of their puppies. They should know the best practices when caring for a dog of their chosen breed. Choosing a pet from a breeder registered with RPBA will help to ensure that you are supporting ethical breeders.

You can verify that a RPBA breeder’s details match our records by clicking here.

Our registered Border Collie breeders must follow our code of ethics as well as all state and local legislation to ensure the best standard of care for their pets. To become an RPBA breeder, click here.

Border Collie Breeders

Member IDFirst NameStateBreed
179KarissaNSWBorder Collie
247MichelleWABorder Collie
558SuzanneNSWBorder Collie
615SandraSABorder Collie
881DanielWABorder Collie
891PeterWABorder Collie
979JulieWABorder Collie
1131RebeccaQLDBorder Collie
1180RichardTASBorder Collie
1315LisaQLDBorder Collie
1395LashaiQLDBorder Collie
1504DinaNSWBorder Collie
1527DannyNSWBorder Collie
1532AlisonTASBorder Collie
1844GloriaQLDBorder Collie
2002RayleneNSWBorder Collie
2092KathyTASBorder Collie
2110RebeccaNSWBorder Collie
2141MichaelQLDBorder Collie
2160DianaNSWBorder Collie
2193JulieWABorder Collie
2357JessieQLDBorder Collie
2375KerryTASBorder Collie
2480AliciaQLDBorder Collie
2541LauretteWABorder Collie
2661JennyQLDBorder Collie
2786KylieVICBorder Collie
2842MukeshchandraNSWBorder Collie
2852MiriamSABorder Collie
2971RenaeNSWBorder Collie
2997DelenaQLDBorder Collie
3015ChrisQLDBorder Collie
3037JadeNSWBorder Collie
3047JoNSWBorder Collie
3191KelsieNSWBorder Collie
3273KatrinaQLDBorder Collie
3319VeronicaNSWBorder Collie
3344CathieQLDBorder Collie
3345LeisaQLDBorder Collie
3391XiangyingWABorder Collie
3490MichaelSABorder Collie
3494JanetNSWBorder Collie
3594KathleenQLDBorder Collie
3698KellyNSWBorder Collie
3738DavidSABorder Collie
3753RobertNSWBorder Collie
3761KristySABorder Collie
3844JenniferQLDBorder Collie
3890LiwaywayQLDBorder Collie
3950CharlotteQLDBorder Collie
3984TeresaQLDBorder Collie
4057LarissaNSWBorder Collie
4058PhillipaQLDBorder Collie
4124TabithaNSWBorder Collie
4313RachelQLDBorder Collie
4377AnnQLDBorder Collie
4430DebraQLDBorder Collie
4455NardiaQLDBorder Collie
4503AnnaNSWBorder Collie
4641LindsayQLDBorder Collie
4642MichaelVICBorder Collie
4720KiraQLDBorder Collie
4801MichaelWABorder Collie
4824SarahSABorder Collie
4831TracyNSWBorder Collie
4834SusanQLDBorder Collie
4867SarahNSWBorder Collie
4904Michelle LouiseQLDBorder Collie
4972BenQLDBorder Collie
5051JoshuaNSWBorder Collie
5067KarenQLDBorder Collie
5130MareeNSWBorder Collie
5322MaryNSWBorder Collie
5336FelicityNSWBorder Collie
5344PaulWABorder Collie
5358StephanieWABorder Collie
5368LanceQLDBorder Collie
5495MasonSABorder Collie
5529MaryQLDBorder Collie
5547BrianNSWBorder Collie
5586MarkNSWBorder Collie
5634CarolQLDBorder Collie
5661KimberleyNSWBorder Collie
5728TanyaVICBorder Collie
5829JoanneQLDBorder Collie
5865CarmenSABorder Collie
5901RebeccaNSWBorder Collie
5993KatyQLDBorder Collie
6132Jo-AnneSABorder Collie
6250LaurenNSWBorder Collie
6270JillianQLDBorder Collie
6281KateQLDBorder Collie
6295CelesteVICBorder Collie
6310CarissaQLDBorder Collie
6649KylieNSWBorder Collie
6668KerrieVICBorder Collie
6675EmanuelNSWBorder Collie
6716ClaireWABorder Collie
6790NatalieQLDBorder Collie
6855ShareeQLDBorder Collie
6859JudithQLDBorder Collie
6860RichardSABorder Collie
6865ScottNSWBorder Collie
6960Jo-AnneQLDBorder Collie
7015StuartVICBorder Collie
7038SarahQLDBorder Collie
7114LisaVICBorder Collie
7126DavidNSWBorder Collie
7157JessicaQLDBorder Collie
7160LorellNSWBorder Collie
7200DiannaNSWBorder Collie
7204SarahSABorder Collie
7315HelenVICBorder Collie
7571CindyNSWBorder Collie
7677JoyceWABorder Collie
7709MelissahWABorder Collie
7810StevenQLDBorder Collie
7837TracieQLDBorder Collie
7911MarkNSWBorder Collie
8092KarrieQLDBorder Collie
8175LyndaSABorder Collie
8187WendyQLDBorder Collie
8447JennyWABorder Collie
8622BrockQLDBorder Collie
8773CelesteVICBorder Collie
8814ChrisNSWBorder Collie
8823JackWABorder Collie
8960DavidVICBorder Collie
9049WendyQLDBorder Collie
9178MichaelWABorder Collie
9314NathanNSWBorder Collie
9325JihyunNSWBorder Collie
9332JenniferNSWBorder Collie
9604AndrewNSWBorder Collie
9778TraceyWABorder Collie
10029WendyQLDBorder Collie
10039ReneeQLDBorder Collie
10063SamWABorder Collie
10077StevieNSWBorder Collie
10237LisaNSWBorder Collie
10252AliceNSWBorder Collie
10353DakotaWABorder Collie
10428CarlaWABorder Collie
10520JackNSWBorder Collie
10559AliciaNSWBorder Collie
10622KristyNSWBorder Collie
10650PaulQLDBorder Collie
10815DawnNSWBorder Collie
10871KayleneVICBorder Collie
10872EmilyQLDBorder Collie
11060CameronVICBorder Collie
11093MichelleQLDBorder Collie
11178ConnieNSWBorder Collie
11209TerissaNSWBorder Collie
11375CarolynQLDBorder Collie
11376MargaretQLDBorder Collie
11438LisaQLDBorder Collie
11487BiancaSABorder Collie
11544ClaireVICBorder Collie
11641KeisalQLDBorder Collie
11985LeesaNSWBorder Collie
12098MohamedVICBorder Collie
12170WarrenQLDBorder Collie
12357KellyWABorder Collie
12364DaleQLDBorder Collie
12375JoWABorder Collie
12403MichaelNSWBorder Collie
12408KerriVICBorder Collie
12475Ma'ayanVICBorder Collie
12545JocelynWABorder Collie
12628DanaQLDBorder Collie
12722StaceyNSWBorder Collie
12723LindaNSWBorder Collie
12755JemmaQLDBorder Collie
12869MareeQLDBorder Collie
12911LucyNSWBorder Collie
13216DanielleVICBorder Collie
13276LakumQLDBorder Collie
13349RohanVICBorder Collie
13356AliNSWBorder Collie
13372DavidQLDBorder Collie
13410LuellaSABorder Collie
13448JoshNSWBorder Collie
13463SarahWABorder Collie
13532HeidiQLDBorder Collie
13534BridgetQLDBorder Collie
13574ZheliNSWBorder Collie
13581LynneVICBorder Collie
13643KarenNSWBorder Collie
13712KatrinaQLDBorder Collie
13776LinWABorder Collie
13839AlyssaQLDBorder Collie
13882RoystonTASBorder Collie
13931RebekkaNSWBorder Collie
14034MichaelSABorder Collie
14045AmberWABorder Collie
14051MartikaQLDBorder Collie
14061RobertQLDBorder Collie
14070StaceyWABorder Collie
14079Sarah LenaQLDBorder Collie
14101JessicaNSWBorder Collie
14132DonnaVICBorder Collie
14160PhoebeVICBorder Collie
14168AbbyQLDBorder Collie
14175RebeccaNSWBorder Collie
14182SarahQLDBorder Collie
14203KimberleyNSWBorder Collie
14220TeganQLDBorder Collie
14236LeeQLDBorder Collie
14295ZulmiraQLDBorder Collie
14305KateNSWBorder Collie
14318MargaretQLDBorder Collie
14343AngelaSABorder Collie
14351JakobNSWBorder Collie
14364EmmaTASBorder Collie
14495EloiseNSWBorder Collie
14519Tu MyVICBorder Collie
14522JordanNSWBorder Collie
14553MichaelNSWBorder Collie
14605LexieQLDBorder Collie
14645KoryNSWBorder Collie
14687AntheaNSWBorder Collie
14732RenaeWABorder Collie
14776ChelseaNSWBorder Collie
14777AndrewWABorder Collie
14816MartinWABorder Collie
14842NerissaVICBorder Collie
14854BradleySABorder Collie
14906HannahTASBorder Collie
14913ScottTASBorder Collie
14939AmandaWABorder Collie
14947LacieQLDBorder Collie
14966KathrynQLDBorder Collie
14975DanielleQLDBorder Collie
14981LeonieQLDBorder Collie
15033RochelleWABorder Collie
15043TobyVICBorder Collie
15072BrittanyVICBorder Collie
15140EmmaWABorder Collie
15145LauraSABorder Collie
15200AndrewVICBorder Collie
15248KimNSWBorder Collie
15249MiklosSABorder Collie
15256JaydenTASBorder Collie
15316CeridwenNSWBorder Collie
15344KarliaQLDBorder Collie
15469NataschaWABorder Collie
15478TaniarnaNSWBorder Collie

If you have ever searched the internet for “Border Collie breeders near me” you know that there are a wealth of breeders in Australia. There’s no reason to settle for anything less than the best breeders. To help, we’ve created some blog posts with information that may be useful during your search:

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