RPBA Membership

Probationary Member (Level 1)

RPBA probationary members agree to abide by the Code of Ethics & Standards set out by the RPBA and your state’s legislation.

Probationary members of the RPBA are eligible to become full members once checked/audited by a practising veterinarian, understand and follow best practices for how to care and bring up their animals.

Probationary breeders have 12 months to adhere/follow/understand RPBA requirements once joined. After the 12-month period, members have up to 3 months to get a veterinarian audit/check.

If you are a dog or cat breeder or accidentally had kittens or puppies or look after cats or dogs and are confident you can follow our Code of Ethics and Standards and your state legislation, then you are welcome to join the RPBA via the ‘Pay Now‘ button on this page.

Once approved, your details will be uploaded to our probationary member’s database (approval can take up to a week), we will keep in touch to help you meet your obligations as a member.

Step 1: Pay for membership

After payment, you’ll then be redirected to a page which will ask you to verify your email, once this is done. We will email you a link to complete your member application online,  we kindly as for images of your dog/cat housing and proof of identity.

Probationary membership can be paid monthly or annually. We recommend that you complete your veterinarian audit/check before the 12 months period ends, that way you may be upgraded to a full membership sooner rather than later.

Probationary Membership can only be held for a maximum of 12 months.

Only $18.99/ month 

10% discount / annual

Full Member (Level 2)

Full Members of the RPBA have undergone a practising veterinarian audit/check of their property and finished probationary membership with the RPBA.

Full Members are required to understand/follow breeding best practices, our Code of Ethics and Standards, state pet legislation, and that that they continue to meet these standards.

You must first join as a Probationary Member but can proceed to become a full member if you pass our requirements, are confident you can meet these and have complete a veterinarian audit/check.