RPBA Membership

Probationary Member

RPBA probationary members must agree to uphold the Code of Ethics & Standards outlined by RPBA and must follow your state’s legislation.

Probationary members of the RPBA are eligible to apply to become RPBA full members. This can occur upon email request, the RPBA veterinarian audit is filled out and completed by a practising veterinarian, and the member must understand and commit to following best practices for how to care and bring up their animals.

Probationary breeders must adhere/follow/understand RPBA requirements once joined.

We recommend that you complete your veterinarian audit/check before the 12 months period ends (this can be done via email request), that way you apply to become a full member sooner rather than later, with no additional cost.

If you are a cat or dog breeder or have puppies or kittens in your care, and are confident you can follow the RPBA Code of Ethics & Standards and your state legislation, then you are welcome to apply to join the RPBA via the ‘Join Now‘ link on the right-hand side of this webpage.

Once your RPBA membership is approved, your details will be uploaded to our online probationary member’s database (approval can take a few days or up to 2 weeks), a veterinarian audit form will be provided for probationary members (upon email request) and we may be in touch to ensure you are meeting your commitments as a member. Terms & Conditions can be found here.

Become an RPBA Member

Step one is to pay for membership via the secure link below.

After membership payment is made, you will then be re-directed to a registration webpage to complete your details.

And/or if you email us, we can email you a link to the registration webpage to complete your member details. We kindly ask for images of your dog/cat housing and/or whelping area for us to review.

Please note the RPBA reserves the right to deny membership to any breeders that RPBA feel do not comply with requirements set out by the RPBA and also state legislation, a refund will be provided to denied memberships. Note we do not issue change of mind refunds once approved.

Probationary membership instalments can be paid monthly or annually.

Once payment has been made via the below link, please check your email inbox (and junk mail) for a link to finalise your application.

Only $18.99 / month

Or 10% discount / annual

RPBA Member’s Offerings

RPBA members get access to our Member’s Only Section,  which gives them exclusive access to:

  • Discounted Orivet DNA Testing
  • Black Hawk MasterBreeder Program & Discounts
  • Greenbah Pet Supplies Discounts
  • Free PetsForHomes ‘Top Ad’ Feature
  • Litter Management
  • Breeder Document Storage
  • DNA Health Test Storage
  • Advertisement Template
  • RPBA Breeder Templates Storage
  • The Ultimate Whelping Supplies Checklist
  • Puppy Birthing Whelping Record
  • Puppy Weight Chart
  • Dam Whelp Temperature Checking
  • Puppy Worming & Vaccination Calendar
  • Puppy Socialisation Challenge
  • Pet Healthcare Record
  • Kitten Checklist
  • and lots more coming soon!

Full Members

Full RPBA Members have undergone a practising veterinarian audit/check of their property and initially held a probationary membership with the RPBA.

Full RPBA Members must understand/follow breeding best practices, our Code of Ethics and Standards and state pet legislation at all times.

You must first join as an RPBA Probationary Member and then you can apply to become a full RPBA member if you pass our requirements and commit to following the RPBA code of ethics & standards and have completed a veterinarian audit/check.