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Spoodle Breeders

The following list contains all RPBA registered Spoodle breeders. Part of the RPBA commitment to ethical and responsible breeding is the expectation that all registered dog breeders will abide by our regulations stated in our Code of Ethics and standards. RPBA members are also expected to abide by any state and local legislation.

Find your next dog from a responsible Spoodle breeder. We encourage all buyers to do sufficient research into the needs of their chosen dog breed before making any commitment to purchase a puppy from any breeder.

When conducting any transaction with a breeder, make sure to ask questions about how they raise their dogs and the level of care required for their dog breed. You can support ethical breeders by choosing a registered RPBA breeder, as they will have in-depth knowledge of how to properly breed and raise their dogs.

You can verify that a RPBA breeder’s details match our records by clicking here.

Our registered Spoodle dog breeders must follow our Code of Ethics as well as all state and local legislation to ensure the best standard of care for their pets. If you are interested in becoming a RPBA breeder, click here.

Spoodle Breeders

Member IDFirst NameStateBreedMembership Level
1525TerriQLDSpoodleFull Member (Level 2)
2130MelanieVICSpoodleFull Member (Level 2)
3174NatashaWASpoodleFull Member (Level 2)
3592BelindaNSWSpoodleFull Member (Level 2)
11177RussWASpoodleFull Member (Level 2)
533LeylaWASpoodleFull Member (Level 2)
1420KatrinaWASpoodleProbationary Member (Level 1)
2584KerryNSWSpoodleProbationary Member (Level 1)
2769MeganNSWSpoodleProbationary Member (Level 1)
4282KathleenVICSpoodleProbationary Member (Level 1)
4298AlisonSASpoodleProbationary Member (Level 1)
4634YaoWASpoodleProbationary Member (Level 1)
5953SandraQLDSpoodleProbationary Member (Level 1)
7974VerityVICSpoodleProbationary Member (Level 1)
9323ChelseyWASpoodleProbationary Member (Level 1)
10127KatrinaVICSpoodleProbationary Member (Level 1)
10183JoanneNSWSpoodleProbationary Member (Level 1)
10347BartonNSWSpoodleProbationary Member (Level 1)
10883VanessaNSWSpoodleProbationary Member (Level 1)
11459AdamQLDSpoodleProbationary Member (Level 1)
2677LanelleQLDSpoodleProbationary Member (Level 1)
6841DanielQLDSpoodleProbationary Member (Level 1)
13407SamanthaSASpoodleProbationary Member (Level 1)
13571GaryVICSpoodleProbationary Member (Level 1)
13635StephenVICSpoodleProbationary Member (Level 1)
546AnnetteNSWSpoodleProbationary Member (Level 1)
13731JosephineQLDSpoodleProbationary Member (Level 1)
13992AnneSASpoodleProbationary Member (Level 1)
14018Anne-MareeWASpoodleProbationary Member (Level 1)
14348WilmaVICSpoodleProbationary Member (Level 1)
14423EmmaQLDSpoodleProbationary Member (Level 1)
14686AnnaNSWSpoodleProbationary Member (Level 1)
14749AnynurVICSpoodleProbationary Member (Level 1)
15543DavidWASpoodleProbationary Member (Level 1)

The early weeks of your dog’s life can have a large impact on how they develop. Getting your dog from only the best Spoodle breeders will let you get your relationship off to a good start. Responsible pet ownership starts with finding the right breeder, so we’ve created some blog posts with information that may be useful during your search:

Once you have your new dog, you can join the Responsible Pet Owner’s Club to get some great discounts to kickstart your lifelong journey with your pet.

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