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Probationary Members

If you have cats under your care or are considering becoming a feline breeder, we encourage you to apply as a probationary member of the RPBA. Before joining, however, make sure that you agree to comply with your state legislation and the Code of Ethics & Standards

Approval of probationary membership can take a couple of days to two weeks. Once your membership is approved, your details will appear on our online database and a veterinarian audit form will be sent to you upon email request. Fill out the audit form, then have it completed by a practising veterinarian. Make sure to accomplish the form within 12 months to be eligible to apply as a full RPBA member with no additional cost. Learn more about our terms and conditions here

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Become an RPBA Member

To become an RPBA member, you must first pay a membership fee. Click on the secure link below and choose your preferred membership option. You may opt for monthly or yearly instalments.

Once payment has been made, you will be redirected to a registration webpage. If you are not redirected, check your email inbox as well as junk mail for the link to the webpage. Complete your details and provide images of your cat housing to finalise your application.

Bear in mind that we may refuse membership to any breeders whom we feel are not committed to our code of ethics and the state legislation. Should we deny your membership, rest assured a refund will be provided. Refunds, however, will not be issued to those who change their mind once their membership has been approved.

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PetsForHomes Ethical Classifieds Free Ad ‘Top Ad’ Feature

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