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Find a registered RPBA full dog breeder member or find a registered RPBA probationary dog breeder member by searching the lists below:

We endeavour to ensure that all breeding dogs and puppies owned and sold are healthy, well cared for, socialised and happy! If you’re looking for an Australian registered dog breeder, check out our list of full members that abide by the RPBA Code of Ethics or review our code of ethics on our About Us page.

We always recommend that you meet the puppy, before purchasing a puppy, and ask that you contact us if you have any queries or concerns whilst dealing with an RPBA-approved breeder. Of course, it’s important to ask any and all questions about the temperament of your puppy-to-be before a sale, but know that our breeders are committed to a three-day ‘cooling-off’ period post-sale, as well as a lifetime guarantee, if you’re animal, needs to be rehomed for whatever reason.

Please note that the RPBA has a two-tiered registered breeder member structure:

  1. Probationary Members (maximum 12 months) dog breeders that agree to uphold our Code of Ethics. We must advise that you take precautions when purchasing a puppy and ask that you contact us if you have any queries or concerns. At the end of the full 12 months, probationary members will have three months to submit an audit of their premises by a practising veterinarian, who will ensure the conditions of their animals are kept in adherence to our rules and for them to become full members. If they fail to submit their audit within three months, their probationary membership will be revoked until their audit is submitted and approved. Note our probationary members have not been audited and members will be suspended if they do not meet our Code of Ethics and standard.
  2. Full Members dog breeders that have had their identity verified, agree to uphold our Code of Ethics, follow and understand best practices and have had their premises audited and approved by a practising veterinarian. The audit is carried out by a registered veterinarian. Read more about our rigorous standards on our About Us page.

Please note that if someone is claiming to be an RPBA member and you cannot locate or match their breeder number on either of the full RPBA member lists or the RPBA probationary members list below, then we highly recommend that you contact us via our Verify Breeder page to ensure that our records match the details given to you.

If you have a breeder concern or problem please fill out this form.

We hope you find a great new canine addition to your family.

Protected by breeder verification

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