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RPBA Pedigree Papers

RPBA are proud to announce that the registration for RPBA Pedigree Papers is live.

These dog pedigree papers and cat pedigree papers will show the lineage of your animal/s and the generations which came before them (typically showing over 4 generations of breeding). 

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Steps for pedigree paperwork

Steps for pedigree paperwork:

Step one: Log into the members only section.
Step two: Fill in your breeding animal details in the breeder profile.
Step three: As you have a litter, record the details of the litter from your breeding animals.

Available for all Breeds

RPBA Pedigree Papers will be available for all breeds represented by RPBA. We believe all breeds should be set to the same highest standards of care.

Available for all Breeds
Compiling your animal lineage

Compiling your animal lineage

This process will require RPBA members to record their litter details in the Members Only Section to begin compiling your animal’s lineage. You must become and remain a Full RPBA Member during this process to ensure that your animal’s history is retained in our pedigree records.

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Pedigree papers show the following:

As this process can take some time to record the family tree of an animal, the paperwork will not be available immediately. However, we are happy to start producing modified versions of this early for our members.

To help ensure that you are set up for this, we recommend booking in your Vet Audit now using the RPBA in-house Vet Audit process in the RPBA Members Only Section if you have not already.

We will be providing more information about this over the coming months in our RPBA Members Full Members only Facebook group. If you are already a Full RPBA Member and are not a part of this group yet, you can contact us at [email protected] for your invitation to join.