Why choose RPBA Members?
Members that care about the well-being and future home of their animals. They are responsible and follow ethical practices.

Vet Approved Breeders:
Once RPBA members complete probationary membership, they can then apply for an RPBA full membership, where they are checked and audited by Veterinarian. Once they pass these requirements and commit to continue abiding by our code of ethics and standards they are eligible for full RPBA membership.

Best In Class Dog Welfare & Care:
Full members must have a solid understanding of best practices, breeding code of ethics and how to care and bring up their animals. Animals must be fed premium diets for their welfare and future health.

Our Lifetime Rehoming Policy

Above all else, we care about you and your new furry friend, and we know that sometimes re-homing your beloved pet is necessary for your and/or their welfare.

All of our members must provide a three-day cooling off period for new pets, meaning that if for any reason you don’t feel it’s going to work out within those three days, you’re entitled 70% refund upon return during this period, unless you’ve agreed to a non-refundable initial deposit or you’ve paid for travel expenses.

After the initial three-day cooling off period, RPBA members remain committed rehoming your pet, if it becomes necessary, throughout the lifetime of your pet. Our members are responsible for ensuring that any dogs or cats they’ve bred are rehomed at any point in your pet’s life.

Reasons for rehoming your pet may include:

  1. Concern for their safety
  2. Your animal has severe behavioural issues that compromise their safety (or yours)
  3. A home environment that does not suit your animal’s needs
  4. You no longer have the time to take care of your animal and exercise them regularly
  5. You can no longer afford your pet’s care
  6. You can no longer physically take care of your animal due to a change in your own health
  7. You or a loved one develop severe allergies that cause ongoing discomfort or health issues

This re-homing commitment extends to their own breeding dogs upon retirement from breeding. We are committed to ensuring all dogs and cats owned or sold by RPBA members will not end up euthanised or in a pound. That means that any animal used for breeding must be desexed upon retirement, and then either kept as a pet or re-homed.

We firmly believe that euthanasia is only acceptable when it is the most humane course of action, such as when certain intractable behaviours are dangerous to the wellbeing of the animal, other animals, and the owners. In the case of life-threatening or chronic conditions, our members may consider euthanasia if their veterinarian believes the animal will no longer have sufficient quality of life, such as when the pain can be extreme and ongoing.  

Otherwise, any RPBA members must commit to providing any animals within their care, and any animal that they have sold, a suitable home.

It is the breeders’ responsibility to inform new owners of these commitments, and to provide up-to-date contact details so that this is possible. Please note that if you ever have difficulty contacting an RPBA member, we’re here to help. Get in touch via our Contact page and we’ll update you with their new contact details.

If you have any other questions, you can read more about the rigorous standards that all RPBA members must abide by on our About Us page.

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