Dog Breeding Registration Australia

RPBA was created to inspire the best lifetime care for all pets from the moment they are born. Our mission is to ensure that dog lovers find and bring home canines that are happy, healthy, and live the best possible life. To ensure this, our in-house veterinarian carefully screens all prospective members before approving their membership.

 If you are curious about what it takes to become a responsible dog breeder in Australia and are interested in becoming a registered member with RPBA, here is what you need to know:

Note that those who are making more than AUD $18,000 from dog breeding are required to obtain a licence from their state’s local council to become official. They also need to register their business to the Australian government for tax purposes. Application forms are available at the Australian Business Licence and Information Service (ABLIS) website.

Each individual state will also have its own breeding requirements that you will need to abide by. Go to the government or pet registry website to learn more. To breed and advertise your pets you will need to register within your local state as well as become an RPBA member.

We Carefully Screen Every Application

We require all aspiring registered dog breeders to provide information such as photos of their breeding animal’s homing, and verify their identity to us as part of their application process. They also need to provide RPBA with a list of their breeds.

Upon submission of the completed application form, RPBA will review the information provided by the prospective dog breeder. The process may take one to seven days, depending on the details supplied. There may be instances when more information will be required. Please be sure to regularly check your inbox and junk mail while you are waiting for your application to be processed. 

Keep in mind that RPBA only approves the membership of individuals who have no more than 10 female dogs. Furthermore, we only accept canines that are microchipped and registered with the prospective member’s local council. This is to ensure that all the dogs bred and sold through our platform are in their best condition.

We Implement Rules and Guidelines

RPBA is strict when it comes to its Code of Ethics and Standards. Our members, both

probationary and full, are required to uphold our ethical guidelines while also abiding by their own state’s breeding regulations.

While we make it our members’ responsibility to ensure they are always up-to-date with their state’s regulations when it comes to animal welfare, we also see to it that they are practising ethical breeding. Should we fail to notice any of our members breaching both our regulations and that of their state, we encourage members of the public to report the issue to either of us immediately. This way, we can investigate right away, as we do not condone non-compliance. Read our Terms and Conditions to learn more.

We Care for Both Our Members and Buyers

RPBA cares for the welfare of every dog sold through its platform, which is why we are against unethical breeding practices and puppy farms. We make certain that our legislative, membership, breeding, and sale requirements are upheld by all of our members so that no new dog owner is deceived into adopting a canine that is not in its best condition.

Rest assured that only healthy dogs are bred by both our probationary and full members. All breeding bitches are mated after they are 12 months old and are retired by the age of six. Additionally, every member’s female dogs are not allowed to have more than three puppies in a span of two years unless approved by a licensed veterinarian. Furthermore, our members are required to keep documentation of all the breeding activities of their bitch/es for health or emergency purposes.

We Inspire The Best Care For All Pets

Part of our ethical breeding practice is that members must always disclose all pre-existing and hereditary health conditions of the animals to their new prospective owners. All our breeders are required to supply new pet owners with detailed reports regarding their canine’s veterinary, feeding, exercise, and training requirements, amongst other information. RPBA provides templates for our members to print out and give to their new pet owners.

Upon the sale of a dog, RPBA members provide a three-day cooling-off period in which new owners may return their pooch for any reason whatsoever. Learn more about our post-sale requirements here.