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Moodle Dog Breeders

The breeders below are registered as RPBA Moodle dog breeders. Our registered dog breeders are expected to uphold our Code of Ethics and standards, as well as abide by all state and local laws. This is part of the RPBA commitment to the ethical breeding of all pets, regardless of breed or pedigree.

Find your next dog from an ethical Moodle breeder. Before getting in touch with a breeder, it’s a good idea to research the needs of the specific breed you have chosen. Knowing the training, nutrition and exercise requirements of the dog you are getting is a major part of being a responsible dog owner. 

Our registered breeders are expected to have extensive knowledge and experience with their chosen breed. You may ask them about the care involved in raising and living with one of their dogs. Support ethical breeding by checking that your breeder is registered with RPBA. 

You can verify that a RPBA breeder’s details match our records by clicking here.

Our Moodle breeders must follow our Code of Ethics as well as all state and local legislation. RPBA members undergo a thorough verification process before they are allowed to become full members. If you are interested in becoming a RPBA breeder, click here.

Moodle Breeders

Member IDFirst NameStateBreedMembership Level
171YelvaVICMoodleFull Member (Level 2)
932Julie-AnnaVICMoodleFull Member (Level 2)
1398GiselleNSWMoodleFull Member (Level 2)
5333NicoleWAMoodleFull Member (Level 2)
2808DeborahQLDMoodleFull Member (Level 2)
7386DebraVICMoodleFull Member (Level 2)
15059EliseVICMoodleFull Member (Level 2)
407NarelleNSWMoodleProbationary Member (Level 1)
696JoTASMoodleProbationary Member (Level 1)
2854KarlaNSWMoodleProbationary Member (Level 1)
3057JaneQLDMoodleProbationary Member (Level 1)
4168RobertNSWMoodleProbationary Member (Level 1)
4705EleanorQLDMoodleProbationary Member (Level 1)
4952SharmaineVICMoodleProbationary Member (Level 1)
5552ShereeNSWMoodleProbationary Member (Level 1)
6324GiuseppinaNSWMoodleProbationary Member (Level 1)
7341JesseQLDMoodleProbationary Member (Level 1)
8595YussraSAMoodleProbationary Member (Level 1)
8738DaveVICMoodleProbationary Member (Level 1)
9838MonicaVICMoodleProbationary Member (Level 1)
10555NicoleNTMoodleProbationary Member (Level 1)
10893BelindaNSWMoodleProbationary Member (Level 1)
1168HeatherNSWMoodleProbationary Member (Level 1)
11437JaimeQLDMoodleProbationary Member (Level 1)
11944CarmelaVICMoodleProbationary Member (Level 1)
12142MelindaWAMoodleProbationary Member (Level 1)
12135DonnaQLDMoodleProbationary Member (Level 1)
1959AnnieSAMoodleProbationary Member (Level 1)
6419TaniaWAMoodleProbationary Member (Level 1)
12196SnjezanaWAMoodleProbationary Member (Level 1)
11761AngelaQLDMoodleProbationary Member (Level 1)
7761BiancaNSWMoodleProbationary Member (Level 1)
12772MarkSAMoodleProbationary Member (Level 1)
6963FionaNSWMoodleProbationary Member (Level 1)
8150BettyQLDMoodleProbationary Member (Level 1)
13131HeatherNSWMoodleProbationary Member (Level 1)
13445LeighQLDMoodleProbationary Member (Level 1)
13513LizaVICMoodleProbationary Member (Level 1)
13632TanyaQLDMoodleProbationary Member (Level 1)
14923DonnaVICMoodleProbationary Member (Level 1)
14941GregoryQLDMoodleProbationary Member (Level 1)
14964RachelNSWMoodleProbationary Member (Level 1)
15326KylieVICMoodleProbationary Member (Level 1)
15351Andrew (Andy)VICMoodleProbationary Member (Level 1)
15585OliverVICMoodleProbationary Member (Level 1)
16029JessicaVICMoodleProbationary Member (Level 1)

Getting your dog from a reputable and ethical breeder is the best way to start off your dog’s life with you. Responsible pet ownership starts with finding a responsible, knowledgeable breeder. To help, we’ve created some blog posts with information that may be useful during your search: 

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