Probationary RPBA Members

RPBA probationary members must uphold our Code of Ethics and standards and understand/follow the best practices of caring and looking after animals.

Please note our probationary members have not yet undertaken a veterinary audit/check and any breaches of our Code of Ethics and standards will result to a membership suspension. After 12 months of probationary membership, our probationary members must obtain a vet audit/check by a practising veterinarian within 3 months after the end or during the 12 month period.

Contact us if there are any concerns in regards to any of our members or have seen someone claim they are an RPBA probationary member however you cannot find their details here, please check our full member list here or follow our complaints procedure and contact us here.

If you would like to enquire/contact any of our members, please email us with your contact details and we will pass this onto the RPBA member and we can share their contact details if authorised.

Notice: we have received reports that a member of the public is imitating one of our breeders. If you have had dealings with “David S from Tamworth” we can confirm they are NOT nor never have been a member of RPBA. We encourage anyone who has had dealings to report the matter to the relevant authorities.