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Applicable Organisation

Responsible Pet Breeders Australia is proud to be one of only a few Applicable Organisations in Victoria, Australia.

RPBA was founded in 2018 on the principle that all dog and cat breeders and owners should have a platform to share their voice and ensure the well-being of cats and dogs, to be treated ethically, with love and care, regardless of whether they are purebred or not. 

As an Applicable Organisation, RPBA and its members hold themselves accountable for the treatment of their pets, and receive benefits relevant to the costs involved in breeding their animals. 

 What Is an Applicable Organisation?

An “Applicable Organisation” in Victoria, Australia, is a group approved by the Minister for Agriculture under section 5A of the Domestic Animals Act 1994. These organisations primarily engage in breeding and/or showing animals.  Key requirements for these organisations include a mandatory code of conduct or ethics, annual reporting to the Minister, and adherence to relevant Victorian legislation. To become an applicable organisation, a detailed application process is required, including a submission of various documents related to the organisation’s policies and practices.

 What Do I Get as a Member of an Applicable Organisation?

As an Applicable Organisation, RPBA’s members (termed recreational breeders), do not have to register with their local council as a domestic animal business (DAB), and do not have to comply with the Code of Practice for the Operation of Breeding and Rearing Businesses 2014 (revised 2018) (the Code). RPBA members are also entitled to reduced council registration fees. Additionally, their animals remain exempted from local compulsory desexing orders. These benefits are particularly relevant for those involved in breeding and showing animals, allowing for easier compliance with regulations and reduced costs associated with animal registration and breeding activities. For more information, you can refer to the Agriculture Victoria website.

 How Does This Affect RPBA Members in Victoria?

All RPBA members in VIC are required to comply with the RPBA code of ethics, just as any other RPBA member throughout Australia. Subsection 7 of the Responsible Breeder Code of Ethics details the VIC specific breeding requirements.

Recognition and support for breeding responsibly at every life moment.

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Customer reviews


They have great resources for first time breeders like myself which made me feel a lot more comfortable knowing I have their ongoing support and guidance.

The discounts and specials they offer members saved me 10 times more than their membership fee. A no brainer. And the support from fellow RPBA breeders has been reassuring and welcoming too. Very happy!


RPBA has been excellent to deal with from start to finish. My application was processed within 24 hours and their breeder offerings are great.

I’ve already used some of their templates and the learning documents they provide also has made it easier for me to educate new families on health matters and ongoing care of the pups once they leave our home. Great to be part of a proactive and supportive group.

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Pet Rescue
Bondi Vet
Toorak Times
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How to become a Responsible Breeder



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Follow The RPBA Code of Ethics & Access RPBA-Member Benefits

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Orivet Genetic Pet Care

Orivet is proud to be able to offer discounted Orivet DNA testing to all Full RPBA Members. All DNA information will be made available to the RPBA database.

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