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If you own dogs, care for dogs or are thinking of getting started with breeding dogs, Responsible Pet Breeders of Australia encourages you to become an RPBA member. RPBA offers support and discounts for our registered dog breeders, and helps to promote the ethical treatment of animals. After applying to become a registered dog breeder with RPBA, you will become a probationary member for no longer than 12 months. 

All members of RPBA must uphold the RPBA Code of Ethics and standards, as well as abide by state legislation for the care and raising of their animals. 

It usually only takes a couple of days before a membership application is approved by our membership team. However, we ask that you give us up to two weeks to process your application. Your membership details will be uploaded as one of our registered dog breeders in our database which may be searched online. 

You may become an RPBA full member by completing the veterinarian audit. A veterinarian audit form may be obtained via email once you become a probationary member. You will have a licensed and practising veterinarian of your choice visit your premises and fill out the veterinarian audit form. They will complete the form and you may send it back to us via email afterwards. 

We encourage you to complete the veterinarian audit form as soon as possible so that we can begin the approval process to upgrade you to RPBA full member. If done within the probationary membership period, we will upgrade your membership at no extra cost. You have until 3 months after the probationary membership period is over to complete this process. 

You may learn more about our Terms & Conditions here

Become an RPBA Member

Become an RPBA Member

To become an RPBA member, payment of a membership fee is required. You will also have the chance to choose your payment options for your membership installments: either monthly or yearly. 

After completing the payment, you should be automatically redirected to our dog breeder registration page to input your membership details. Please verify that all information is correct and true so that we can approve your application as quickly as possible. 

If you are not redirected, please check your email inbox and junk mail folder for an email containing the link. If you still cannot find the link, please email us and we will send you a direct link to the membership registration page.

Complete your details and provide images of the accommodations of your dogs and breeding animals to finalise your application. You will also be asked to provide proof of identity. After that, please wait and we will send you an email after your probationary membership is approved and your details are live on our website. 

RPBA may deny membership to any dog breeders we feel are in violation of our Code of Ethics or state legislation regarding the care and raising of their dogs. Rest assured that we will provide refunds for any denied membership applications. However, we do not offer change of mind refunds after your application has been approved.

Access to exclusive RPBA-Member discounts

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Bullymake Discount

Mr Doggo Discount

SASH Discount

Bezzie Discount

Knose Pet Care Made Easy Discount

Orivet Genetic Pet Care Discount

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Customer reviews


They have great resources for first time breeders like myself which made me feel a lot more comfortable knowing I have their ongoing support and guidance.

The discounts and specials they offer members saved me 10 times more than their membership fee. A no brainer. And the support from fellow RPBA breeders has been reassuring and welcoming too. Very happy!


RPBA has been excellent to deal with from start to finish. My application was processed within 24 hours and their breeder offerings are great.

I’ve already used some of their templates and the learning documents they provide also has made it easier for me to educate new families on health matters and ongoing care of the pups once they leave our home. Great to be part of a proactive and supportive group.


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RPBA have partnered with well known pet brands to offer discounts for puppy essentials, supplements, training, toys, and much more. Here is a preview of just some of the many RPBA member-exclusive discounts:

Orivet Genetic Pet Care​ Discount

Orivet Genetic Pet Care

Black Hawk Discount

Black Hawk Food

Greenbah Pet Supplies Discount

Greenbah Pet Supplies

Pampered Paws Discount

Pampered Paws Pet Products
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