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Friendly, playful and amiable

About the Beagle

Beagles are sweet, loving creatures, with loads of energy for both play and work. Because they’re so playful and adventurous, they can be prone to getting into all sorts of mischief around the house. 

Their upbeat personality is one of the breed’s most appealing traits, and they excel at interacting with humans. 

When given jobs to complete, they work with an excitement that is only found in hounds. Beagles frequently have their noses to the ground, continually exploring their surroundings.

beagle standing in front of light background

Beagle Dog Breed Characteristics

33 to 38 cm at the shoulder

18 to 30 pounds

Life Expectancy
10 to 15 years

Coat Colours
Tricolour, lemon, red, white, orange

Here are some of the qualities you can expect from the Beagle, rated from one to five stars. However, all dogs are individuals, and your dog may not display exactly the same characteristics.

Family Life
Friendly with Kids
Friendly with Dogs
Ease of Grooming
Exercise Needs
Prey Drive
Tendency to Bark or Howl
Good for Novice Owners
Apartment Living

Want to learn all about Beagles? Watch this video to find out more:

Beagles have a loving soul. They show compassion like no other dog breed and your smile is sometimes the only reward they want.

Beagle Dog Breed History

Dogs similar to the Beagle have been used as hunting dogs as far back as 55 BC. The modern Beagle can be traced to the 16th century, when foot hounds were used to hunt while walking, instead of the larger hounds used when hunting from horseback.

The friendly, easygoing natures made them ideal companion dogs, even for families and those who did not hunt. Beagles have continued to be popular family pets for almost a century, and there is no sign of this trend stopping anytime soon.

They still excel at hunting and scent work, and are often found competing in the show ring or as drug-sniffing dogs.

Caring For a Beagle

How to Choose a Responsible Beagle Dog Breeder

To ensure that your Beagle puppy has the best chance of growing up to become a happy, healthy adult dog, only buy from responsible breeders. The breeder you’re getting your dog from should be licensed and be able to produce the complete lineage of the puppy you are getting. Ethical puppy breeding is often the work of years of effort. 

When looking for a Beagle for sale, try to visit the breeder’s premises and meet the puppy’s parents. The health and temperament of the dam and stud will give you the best indication of your future puppy’s health and personality.

Beagle FAQ

They love human companionship and are used to living in packs. Most Beagles will need someone to keep them company throughout the day, as they may become moody and noisy if they are alone too long.

While they can be vocal and will bark or bay to warn their family when strangers approach the house, they are not naturally predisposed to guard the house against intruders.

Dog Breeds Similar to the Beagle

The information is for general use only. For any specific advice or queries, please consult with your veterinarian.

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