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How to become a registered dog breeder with RPBA

Responsible Pet Breeders Australia aims to inspire the best lifetime care for all pets from the moment they are born. To help our members do this, we have exclusive member benefits, including breeder templates, education, discounts, and much more.

Anyone who is currently considering becoming a dog breeder is more than welcome to apply for RPBA membership. When you register as a dog breeder with RPBA, you will first become a probationary member. 

If you need more information about how to become a registered dog breeder with RPBA, we have a page to guide you through the process. You can learn more about becoming a member and download our beginner breeder guide by clicking here.

Before joining RPBA, please ensure that you comply with state legislation and understand the RPBA Code of Ethics.

A probationary membership application will usually be approved quickly, within a couple of days. After your application has been reviewed and approved, your details will be live on the RPBA dog breeder database and our ‘Verify Breeder’ page.

Once you are a probationary member, you may send us an email to request the veterinarian audit form that must be completed before you can become a full member of RPBA. A practising veterinarian must complete the form after inspecting your premises to ensure that you comply with guidelines laid out in the RPBA Code of Ethics.

At any time during your probationary membership, you may send us an email with the completed form so that we can start the process of upgrading you to full membership at no extra cost.

To register as a dog breeder with RPBA, click on the button below to be redirected to a secure page where you can choose your payment options. You may choose either monthly or yearly instalments for your membership.

After payment, you will be directed to our dog breeder registration page. On the dog breeder registration page, you will input your details for your RPBA membership. You will also be asked to provide pictures of the housing and accommodation for dogs on your property, as well as proof of identity.

Our team which includes our resident Veterinarian will review your application to ensure that you comply with our standards. 

Once this is done, we will send you an email to let you know that your probationary RPBA dog breeder membership has been approved. We encourage all members to complete their Vet audit to become a Full RPBA Member at no extra fee.

RPBA may refuse membership to any breeders whom we feel are not in compliance with state legislation or our Code of Ethics. Rest assured that we will refund membership fees for any denied membership application.

Once your RPBA membership is live, buyers will be able to verify you on our ‘Verify Breeder’ page. You will also be able to log into the RPBA Members Only Section to access to 16+ exclusive partner discounts, including pet food, pet insurance, pet supplies, and so much more!

Recognition and support for breeding responsibly at every life moment.

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RPBA Printable Templates

Newborn puppies are at a critical stage of development. RPBA provides its members with downloadable and printable templates to assist breeders throughout different stages of life:

Track & manage your litter​

Track puppy litter
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Access to exclusive RPBA-Member discounts

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Customer reviews


They have great resources for first time breeders like myself which made me feel a lot more comfortable knowing I have their ongoing support and guidance.

The discounts and specials they offer members saved me 10 times more than their membership fee. A no brainer. And the support from fellow RPBA breeders has been reassuring and welcoming too. Very happy!


RPBA has been excellent to deal with from start to finish. My application was processed within 24 hours and their breeder offerings are great.

I’ve already used some of their templates and the learning documents they provide also has made it easier for me to educate new families on health matters and ongoing care of the pups once they leave our home. Great to be part of a proactive and supportive group.

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Pet Rescue
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Toorak Times
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How to become a Responsible Breeder

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Within 24 Hours You’ll Hear Back From Us

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Our In-house Veterinarian Reviews Your Photos & Application

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Follow The RPBA Code of Ethics & Access RPBA-Member Benefits

Protected by breeder verification

Example of member discounts

RPBA have partnered with well known pet brands to offer discounts for puppy essentials, supplements, training, toys, and much more. Here is a preview of just some of the many RPBA member-exclusive discounts:

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Orivet Genetic Pet Care

Orivet is proud to be able to offer discounted Orivet DNA testing to all Full RPBA Members. All DNA information will be made available to the RPBA database.

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Black Hawk Food

Black Hawk Food gives RPBA Members exclusive discounts and free puppy/kitten packs:

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Greenbah Pet Supplies

Greenbah Pet Supplies is proud to offer exclusive benefits to RPBA Members:

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Zamipet offers 30% off on Premium Dog
Supplements for both RPBA Members and anyone who has purchased a pet from an RPBA breeder.

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Pampered Paws Pet Products

Pampered Paws gives 25% off on all Pampered Paws products for both RPBA Members and anyone who has purchased a pet from an RPBA breeder.

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Pet-Mat is proud to give 20% off Pet Mat
products for RPBA Members, and 10% off for anyone who has purchased a pet from an RPBA breeder.