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Cavoodle Breeders Club

Poodle mixes such as the Cavoodle are some of the most desirable family pets in Australia today. They have a great balance of intelligence and affectionate personalities, making them able to integrate into almost any family. 

Cavoodles also tend to be hypoallergenic, as their curly coats help to trap any shed hair and dander. This is a great trait for those who suffer from dog allergies, as they can finally have a loving pet to keep them company. With such ideal traits, it’s no wonder that so many breeders are producing Cavoodles these days. 

Even though they are a mixed breed and, as such, have no widely-accepted breed standard, there are still Cavoodle breeders clubs that help to ensure the well-being of the dogs being bred. 

Cavoodle breeders clubs are a hugely valuable asset to Cavoodle dog breeders. These organisations work hard to improve the lives of the dogs and protect new owners from unscrupulous breeders. A good Cavoodle breeders club can provide breeder tools and educational materials to help breeders and new owners improve their dogs’ quality of life. 

Recognition and support for breeding responsibly at every life moment.

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The Importance of Purchasing From a Registered Breeder

When choosing Cavoodle breeders to buy from, we recommend that you always ensure that you get your new pet from a registered breeder. This will help ensure that there is accountability for their breeding practices, and registered breeders should be committed to following the highest possible standards and care for any puppies and dogs. 

Make sure to directly cross check any advertised breeder numbers with the breeder club website before committing to any sale. We have been made aware of false numbers listed on online pet marketplaces. You may check if a dog breeder is a registered breeder with RPBA on our Dog Breeders page.

Become an RPBA Member

Become an RPBA Member

If you are a Cavoodle breeder and are looking to join a breeder club that will support you throughout every stage of your dog’s life, we highly encourage you to join Responsible Pet Breeders of Australia.

To start the application process, please click the ‘Join Now’ button below. The first step in the process is completing the membership payment. You may pay for your membership instalments either monthly or annually.

You will be directed to a payment page to complete this payment. Once that is done, you will then be redirected to a registration page to fill in your membership information. 

If you are not immediately redirected to the registration page, please check your email inbox (and junk mail) for a link to finalise your application. If you still cannot find it, you may send us an email to request a direct link. 

We ask that you prepare pictures of the accommodations for your breeding animals, as well as the whelping or queening areas for pregnant dogs or cats. We will also require proof of your identity, as well as a verifiable address. 

This information will be part of your application, and you may be contacted by our administrative team to verify the information. 

RPBA reserves the right to deny membership to any breeders who do not comply with our membership requirements as laid out in our Code of Ethics. We may also deny membership if we feel a breeder does not comply with state legislation.

Rest assured that we will provide refunds for breeders who have applied for membership but have been denied. However, once your membership has been approved and your breeder number is live in our online membership database, we no longer provide change of mind refunds.

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Customer reviews


They have great resources for first time breeders like myself which made me feel a lot more comfortable knowing I have their ongoing support and guidance.

The discounts and specials they offer members saved me 10 times more than their membership fee. A no brainer. And the support from fellow RPBA breeders has been reassuring and welcoming too. Very happy!


RPBA has been excellent to deal with from start to finish. My application was processed within 24 hours and their breeder offerings are great.

I’ve already used some of their templates and the learning documents they provide also has made it easier for me to educate new families on health matters and ongoing care of the pups once they leave our home. Great to be part of a proactive and supportive group.


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How to become a Responsible Breeder

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