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Dog Whelping Temperature Chart

Regular monitoring and charting of a dam’s body temperature are integral parts of the dog breeding process. These practices provide invaluable insights into the timing of key events like ovulation and whelping, offer early warning signs of potential health issues, and serve as an important record for future breeding plans.

Temperature and Whelping

Closer to whelping, a significant drop in the dam’s body temperature typically signals that labour will commence within the next 24 hours. The precise timing can vary, but the temperature drop is generally a reliable indication that the puppies’ arrival is imminent. This allows a breeder to make necessary preparations for a safe and comfortable birthing environment.

The Value of a Dog Whelping Temperature Chart

Keeping a temperature chart throughout the breeding process offers a range of benefits. It provides a visual representation of the dam’s temperature changes, aiding in the anticipation of key events like ovulation and whelping. Moreover, it allows for the early detection of potential health issues that could impact the dam or her puppies. Here’s how a temperature chart can be helpful:

Anticipating Key Events

A well-maintained temperature chart helps to visually track the dam’s temperature fluctuations, enabling the anticipation of crucial events in the breeding process. The chart can show patterns, like the slight temperature drop and subsequent rise associated with ovulation, or the significant drop preceding whelping.

Early Detection of Health Issues

Sudden or drastic changes in body temperature can indicate health problems. A persistent high temperature could suggest infection, while an unusually low temperature may indicate other health concerns. Regular temperature monitoring and charting provide an early warning system, allowing for timely veterinary intervention if needed.

Maintaining Accurate Records

Temperature charts also serve as a valuable record for future breeding endeavours. They can reveal patterns unique to the dam, providing insights that may help predict her future breeding cycles. This data is also useful for veterinarians or if the dam is sold to another breeder.

How to Check and Chart Your Dam's Temperature

Accurate temperature monitoring relies on using a good-quality digital thermometer rectally, as this provides the most accurate core body temperature. The normal body temperature for dogs generally ranges between 38.3 to 39.2 degrees Celsius. When you start to notice a drop below 37.5 degrees Celsius, it’s often an indication that whelping is near.

Temperature should be taken at the same time each day to ensure consistency. Each reading should be recorded along with the date and time. RPBA members gain access to a comprehensive Dam Whelping Temperature Chart:

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By taking the time to check and chart your dam’s temperature, you can enhance the likelihood of a successful and healthy breeding outcome. If you’re interested in being a responsible and ethical dog breeder, you can sign up for an account today by clicking the button below:

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