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Benefits of Becoming a Knose Referral Partner

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Refer your customers to a Pet Insurance Product you trust

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Earn ongoing commission

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Provide your customers with a unique discount code and get your own customised link e.g.

How long does it take?

Knose’s digital application form can be completed in less than two minutes and you can expect to hear from them within one business day.

RPBA not only encourages responsible breeding but also responsible pet ownership. Caring for your pet’s health and wellbeing is one of the main responsibilities owners have. Providing quality veterinary care when needed is a key part of that.

Pet insurance could help pet owners access the recommended treatments for their pets, whether they are facing an emergency, a common health problem or dealing with a chronic condition.

That is why RPBA has partnered with Knose Pet Insurance to offer an exciting opportunity for breeders to refer pet owners to an award-winning* pet insurance business that shares our values.

Knose is an Australian owned and operated business with a big goal, to make Australian pets the healthiest and happiest in the world.

Their mission is to ensure pets get the best care, and that they’re protected if something goes wrong.

Pet owners buying Knose pet insurance from an RPBA member referral will receive a 5% discount every year as long as they maintain the policy.

What’s more, RPBA members earn 5% of the base premium of each installment paid from such a referral, for as long as the policy holder stays with Knose, even if that is 10 or 15 years down the track!

And on top of that, RPBA earns 2.5% of the base premium to enable us to continue with our mission.

Signing up is easy and straightforward. By completing Knose’s simple registration process and subject to their review and acceptance, you will become a confirmed Knose Pet Insurance Referrer.

*Awarded a Mozo Expert Rated badge by Mozo in October 2019 for the Knose Pet Insurance product and a Mozo Expert rated badge for by Mozo in November 2020 for the introduction of optional extra benefits.