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Weiner Dog

Curious, confident and affectionate

About the Weiner Dog

The Dachshund, endearingly christened the Wiener Dog, is a small, elongated breed celebrated for its distinctive appearance and spirited personality. This breed manifests in two sizes: standard and miniature.

Weiner Dogs enthrall with their lively and audacious nature. They flaunt an exceptional sense of smell, transforming them into formidable hunters despite their diminutive stature. Their elongated bodies and short legs bestow them a unique silhouette, often sparking affectionate monikers like “sausage dog” or “hot dog.”


Weiner Dog Breed Characteristics

20 to 23 cm at the shoulder

16 to 32 pounds

Life Expectancy
12 to 15 years

Coat Colours
Black, tan, cream, chocolate, blue, red

Here are some of the qualities you can expect from the Weiner Dog, rated from one to five stars. However, all dogs are individuals, and your dog may not display exactly the same characteristics.

Family Life
Friendly with Kids
Friendly with Dogs
Ease of Grooming
Exercise Needs
Prey Drive
Tendency to Bark or Howl
Good for Novice Owners
Apartment Living

Weiner Dog Breed History

The Weiner Dog emerged in Germany over 300 years ago. Its name translates to “badger dog” in German, underscoring its original purpose. These dogs were crafted to hunt badgers, rabbits, and other burrowing creatures. Their long, low bodies allowed them to delve into burrows, and their brave demeanor made them effective in tackling prey.

In the 19th century, Weiner Dogs garnered favor beyond Germany, spreading to other parts of Europe and eventually the United States. They became beloved by royalty, including Queen Victoria of England, who owned several Weiner Dogs and bolstered their popularity. The breed’s versatility also saw it partaking in hunting and tracking trials, showcasing its keen scenting ability and determination.

Caring For a Weiner Dog

How to Choose a Responsible Weiner Dog Breeder

Selecting a reputable Weiner Dog breeder is paramount for ensuring you bring home a healthy and well-adjusted Weiner Dog. A responsible breeder prioritizes the health and temperament of their dogs and adheres to ethical breeding practices.

Breeder reputation is another critical factor. Research reviews and testimonials from previous buyers, and verify if the breeder is affiliated with a breeder organisations like RPBA. A responsible breeder will also be well-versed in the breed and eager to answer any questions you have.

Weiner Dog FAQ

No, they require some attention throughout the day. While they may be okay to be left alone for a couple of hours at most, leaving them for an extended period may result in them becoming moody and developing destructive behaviours.

No. Short-haired dogs of this breed may produce a little less dander than other coat types, but still tend to cause allergic reactions.

Dog Breeds Similar to the Weiner Dog

The information is for general use only. For any specific advice or queries, please consult with your veterinarian.

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