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How to Determine Whether a Breeder You are Speaking to is Legitimate

By: Responsible Group Australia

Verify breeder

Before purchasing a dog or cat, it is important to do some research in order to determine whether the person is legitimate and check that they are a reputable breeder. Follow the below list to avoid being scammed:

  1. All members of breeding clubs like RPBA will be able to share with you details of their membership. The information posted on their ads may only be minimal to prevent scammers from copying their information. We recommend contacting the breeder directly and asking them for some kind of information that may not be available on public domains (e.g. contact number, surname, email address, suburb) and verifying them with the breeding club they are a member with.

2. Ask for information about what vet the breeder is taking their animals to and proof of veterinary visits.

3. Have a look at breeder reviews.

4. Google the breeder’s name and contact number to see if they come up on any other scam review pages.

5. Meet with the animal in person before you put down a deposit or send any money.

6. Ask to facetime the breeder to see the animals you are interested in if you cannot visit in person.

7. Ask for references from other buyers before you put down a deposit.

8. Ask questions about their policies on refunds/returns/what happens if the animal isn’t a good fit.

9. Ask for the RPBA member’s mobile number to verify their breeder membership:

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