How to Use RPBA Breeder Verification

Responsible Pet Breeders Australia is dedicated to helping all its members find good, loving homes for their animals. Conversely, we also want pet buyers to be able to find breeders who offer the best care to their breeding animals and pets. Our goal is to create a platform where pet breeders and buyers share their voice and ensure the ethical treatment of cats and dogs.

One of the main ways we do this is through breeder verification. In most online listings of cats or dogs for sale, you’ll see that they will include a breeders ID number. This number ensures that every breeder or organisation that is looking to sell or rehome a cat or dog is registered with an organisation or governing body that provides accountability for the treatment of animals. The RPBA member number serves as a breeder number, and is a unique way of identifying breeders who are registered with RPBA. 

Responsible Pet Breeders Australia was formed to provide guidelines, a code of ethics and standards and recognition to all breeders. Breeders registered with us are expected to follow our strict regulations regarding breeding practices and the care and raising of their animals. By supporting RPBA members, you help ensure that all dogs and cats that are bred and sold by our members are given the best living conditions and upbringing possible. 

So that pet buyers can avoid sellers who are fraudulently using an RPBA Membership number to advertise animals, we have a RPBA Breeder Verification page. Simply go to the Breeder Verification page and fill in the required information. Alternatively, buyers can browse the RPBA members list to search for their breeder. 

Scammers are very creative with their advertisements, often fraudulently using a registered breeder’s registration number to appear legitimate. Always check with the breeder organisation directly to verify a member. This will help ensure that you’re buying from a responsible breeder, and not a scammer. Other breeder red flags to look out for include:

  • Asking for a down payment or deposit before they give you any information
  • Not allowing you to visit their premises
  • Avoiding sending pictures of their animals
  • Not having good knowledge regarding the care and raising of their animals

When in doubt about any breeder, it is always an option to walk away from dealing with them and try again with a more trustworthy breeder.