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French Bulldog Breeders

The list below contains French Bulldog breeders who are registered with Responsible Pet Breeders Australia. RPBA is dedicated to the ethical breeding of all pets, and the proper care and raising of animals regardless of their breed. As such, we require all our registered dog breeders to adhere to our Code of Ethics and standards and comply with state and local laws.

When you decide to welcome a French Bulldog puppy into your family, it’s not just about the cute wrinkles and the friendly personality that’s synonymous with the breed. It’s a commitment to be a responsible pet owner. Part of this responsibility starts at the very source – choosing a registered, reputable breeder. This decision carries implications for your puppy’s health and happiness, as well as your own long-term peace of mind.

French Bulldogs, like any purebred dogs, are predisposed to specific genetic health conditions. By choosing a registered breeder, you reduce the risks associated with these health issues. Reputable breeders conduct health tests and provide health clearances for their breeding dogs to minimise the likelihood of inherited diseases.

Registered breeders play a crucial role in promoting ethical breeding practices. They commit to not overbreeding their dogs, providing a safe and nurturing environment for both the parent dogs and puppies, and carefully screening prospective owners to ensure a good fit.

By getting your French Bulldog from a RPBA breeder, you’ll have a clear understanding of your French Bulldog’s background and health, as well as ongoing support from the breeder regarding care and behaviour. Plus, many reputable breeders offer a health guarantee, adding an extra layer of security.

To verify that a RPBA breeder’s details match our records, click here.

Choosing a registered breeder for your French Bulldog puppy is an act of responsible pet ownership. While it may be tempting to go for cheaper options or quicker availability, remember that this decision impacts not only the well-being of your future pet but also the future of the breed. If you’re interested in becoming a RPBA breeder, click here.

French Bulldog Breeders

Member IDFirst NameStateBreed
882JeanmarieQLDFrench Bulldog
930JosephNSWFrench Bulldog
1143SharonVICFrench Bulldog
1484EllenNSWFrench Bulldog
2189RebeccaNSWFrench Bulldog
3404LianneWAFrench Bulldog
4400JamesNSWFrench Bulldog
4696JustinWAFrench Bulldog
5328JasmineNSWFrench Bulldog
5788CherylWAFrench Bulldog
7163RaeleneVICFrench Bulldog
8796LeeNSWFrench Bulldog
11793KellyWAFrench Bulldog
12895TenealeWAFrench Bulldog
13390JadeQLDFrench Bulldog
13542ChantelWAFrench Bulldog
13722EderNSWFrench Bulldog
13724ConNSWFrench Bulldog
14369JordanSAFrench Bulldog
14406YashpalWAFrench Bulldog
14865BreeNSWFrench Bulldog
14901RobertTASFrench Bulldog
15018StephenSAFrench Bulldog
15071TamrynWAFrench Bulldog
15285ChristineQLDFrench Bulldog
15330Jodi-LeaQLDFrench Bulldog
15356BronwynWAFrench Bulldog
15455JacintaQLDFrench Bulldog
15471CatherineVICFrench Bulldog
15474LindseyVICFrench Bulldog

If you’ve ever tried to look for “French Bulldog breeders near me”, then you know that it can sometimes be hard to discern which breeders are responsible and ethical. Your puppy’s quality of life is highly dependent on the quality of the breeder from whom your purchase them, so we’ve created some blog posts with information that may be useful during your search:

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