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French Bulldog

Easygoing, athletic and affectionate

About the French Bulldog

The French Bulldog is an easygoing and friendly companion dog, but with a solid, powerful body reminiscent of their much larger ancestors. They’ve got a distinctive look that combines a bulldog’s square head with upright, rounded ears – reminiscent of bat ears. 

A French Bulldog puppy is alert and always on the lookout for opportunities to play. However, they’re perfectly content to do whatever it is their owner is doing, whether it be lounging on the couch or taking a run around the neighbourhood. 

French Bulldogs have a long history of being loyal, devoted family pets. They can get along equally well with children, strangers, and other dogs. They can sometimes be a little possessive of their family members, so they need proper socialisation to play well with others.

french bulldog in front of blurred background

French Bulldog Breed Characteristics

27 to 30 cm at the shoulder

20 to 30 pounds

Life Expectancy
12 to 14 years

Coat Colours
Brindle, cream, fawn, black

Here are some of the qualities you can expect from the French Bulldog, rated from one to five stars. However, all dogs are individuals, and your dog may not display exactly the same characteristics.

Family Life
Friendly with Kids
Friendly with Dogs
Ease of Grooming
Exercise Needs
Prey Drive
Tendency to Bark or Howl
Good for Novice Owners
Apartment Living

French Bulldog Breed History

Despite their name, French Bulldogs actually originated from England, where they were created to be a smaller, companion-sized bulldog. In the mid-19th century, the breed was a favourite of lacemakers in the city of Nottingham.

These lacemakers would go on to migrate to France for better opportunities when the Industrial Revolution went into full swing. They would, of course, bring their dogs with them, and the breed soon became popular in France as well.

The French called the dog ‘Bouledogue Français’, and that name would stick. These bulldogs with bat ears are now some of the most popular companion dogs in the world.

Caring For a French Bulldog

How to Choose a Responsible French Bulldog Breeder

If you are thinking of buying a French Bulldog puppy, then you should be looking at reputable French Bulldog breeders. Do research before committing to a sale, and always ask about the breeding program and any genetic issues the breeder’s dogs may have.

It’s also a good idea to ask to visit the breeder’s premises so that you can see the conditions in which your puppy will spend the first eight weeks of their life. This is a crucial period, and has serious developmental consequences for your puppy. If possible, ask to meet the dam and stud as well, so that you can better gauge what the puppy’s temperament will be like. 

Some rare coat colours may be more expensive, such as the Blue French Bulldog. It is even more important to look for ethical breeders in this case, as the dogs are in high demand. 

French Bulldog FAQ

No. They can be headstrong and stubborn, but at the same time they are devoted to their owners and get sad when left alone for long periods.

All French Bulldogs shed, some of them are prone to drooling, and some are also prone to flatulence. Those who are fastidious about the cleanliness of their home may not find these dogs to be pleasant housemates.

Dog Breeds Similar to the French Bulldog

The information is for general use only. For any specific advice or queries, please consult with your veterinarian.

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