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Persian Cat Breeders

The following list includes ethical Persian cat breeders who are registered with Responsible Pet Breeders of Australia. The RPBA mandates that every breeder that is part of this list abides by the RPBA Code of Ethics and guidelines. Additionally, they are expected to conform to all applicable state and local regulations regarding the well-being of their breeding animals.

Finding a responsible cat breeder when purchasing a kitten is crucial for several reasons. Responsible Persian breeders prioritise the health and well-being of their animals, ensuring that kittens come from genetically healthy parents and receive proper care and socialisation. This results in Persian kittens with better temperaments, reduced risk of hereditary diseases, and a lower likelihood of behavioural issues.

Additionally, responsible Persian kitten breeders are committed to ethical practices, reducing the chances of contributing to overpopulation or supporting kitten mills. By choosing a registered breeder from RPBA, you are supporting humane treatment of animals and increasing the likelihood of a healthy, happy pet.

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RPBA members must follow our Code of Ethics as well as all state and local legislation to ensure the best standard of care for their pets. To become a RPBA breeder, click here.

Persian Breeders

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Ethical Perian kitten breeders follow strict breeding standards, steering clear of inbreeding and carefully selecting for optimal health and temperament. This ensures that you’re bringing home a kitten that has been bred with care and responsibility. By choosing a responsible breeder, you not only promote the humane treatment of animals but also increase the likelihood of bringing home a healthy, happy pet that will thrive as a cherished family member. To help you find these experienced, ethical breeders, we’ve created some blog posts with information that may be useful during your search: 

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