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German Shepherd Breeder

Included in the list below are the current RPBA German Shepherd breeders. Responsible Pet Breeders Australia is dedicated to the ethical breeding of all pets, and the proper care and raising of animals irrespective of their pedigree. As such, we require all our registered dog breeders to adhere to our Code of Ethics and standards and comply with state and local laws.

Buying a German Shepherd puppy is a significant commitment and one that should not be taken lightly. To ensure the best health and quality of your puppy, it is crucial to purchase from a responsible and ethical breeder. 

German Shepherds can have specific genetic predispositions to certain health problems. Responsible breeders play a vital role in minimising these health risks. They perform genetic testing and are selective in their breeding practices to avoid passing on such hereditary issues, ensuring the puppies are as healthy as possible.

Besides health considerations, responsible breeders also work tirelessly to maintain the unique qualities, temperament, and behaviour of German Shepherds. This helps to ensure that you get a puppy that will grow into a dog that is true to the breed’s defining characteristics, such as their intelligence, loyalty, and protective nature.

RPBA expects all its German Shepherd puppy breeders to have extensive knowledge of dog breeding and the best practices when raising and caring for both puppies and adult dogs. Show your support for responsible breeders by selecting one from the RPBA roster of German Shepherd breeders.

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RPBA German Shepherd breeders are transparent about their practices. They will be more than willing to answer your questions, show you the environment in which the puppies are raised, and let you meet the parent dogs. They also undergo stringent evaluations and inspections by certified veterinarians before being granted full membership with RPBA. If you’re interested in becoming an RPBA breeder, click here.

German Shepherd Breeders

Member IDFirst NameStateBreed
380MichaelNSWGerman Shepherd
501ElisaQLDGerman Shepherd
731PaulSAGerman Shepherd
942JoanneNSWGerman Shepherd
1014JacobaNSWGerman Shepherd
1080CathrynQLDGerman Shepherd
1106CherieQLDGerman Shepherd
1430KaceyVICGerman Shepherd
1506KingstonNSWGerman Shepherd
1511BeataVICGerman Shepherd
1731DianeQLDGerman Shepherd
1732DarleneQLDGerman Shepherd
1770JohnQLDGerman Shepherd
2051MirjanaQLDGerman Shepherd
2362MargaretNSWGerman Shepherd
2756HaniNSWGerman Shepherd
2850LeanneWAGerman Shepherd
2899RhysQLDGerman Shepherd
3022SamiaNSWGerman Shepherd
3079ViktoriiaVICGerman Shepherd
3102ReneeNSWGerman Shepherd
3175DahliaVICGerman Shepherd
3472MohammadVICGerman Shepherd
3520MichelleQLDGerman Shepherd
3952Da WeiNSWGerman Shepherd
4529MichaelNSWGerman Shepherd
4711MahmutVICGerman Shepherd
4743SlobodanQLDGerman Shepherd
4948KristopherQLDGerman Shepherd
5094VipinQLDGerman Shepherd
5179JosephNSWGerman Shepherd
5250AntoineVICGerman Shepherd
5338JessicaNSWGerman Shepherd
5377CandiceQLDGerman Shepherd
5405IvanaQLDGerman Shepherd
5845TiffanyQLDGerman Shepherd
5983AnthonySAGerman Shepherd
6143KimQLDGerman Shepherd
6152LouiseQLDGerman Shepherd
6165EllieVICGerman Shepherd
6642MichelleNSWGerman Shepherd
7370SarahQLDGerman Shepherd
7719MoeQLDGerman Shepherd
8235JadeQLDGerman Shepherd
8254TraceyQLDGerman Shepherd
8387TimothyNSWGerman Shepherd
8613SusanQLDGerman Shepherd
8652AllenVICGerman Shepherd
8794AshleighQLDGerman Shepherd
9034PatriciaQLDGerman Shepherd
9097CarmelQLDGerman Shepherd
9100StuartSAGerman Shepherd
9691JacobVICGerman Shepherd
9723CaitlinWAGerman Shepherd
9856EllyseWAGerman Shepherd
10285SamiVICGerman Shepherd
10710ToniWAGerman Shepherd
10779KayleenQLDGerman Shepherd
11325Zhen WeiWAGerman Shepherd
11394KristineNSWGerman Shepherd
11699SarahWAGerman Shepherd
11928AnoopVICGerman Shepherd
12455LyndaVICGerman Shepherd
12650YuniNSWGerman Shepherd
12663DanijelVICGerman Shepherd
12762TheresaNSWGerman Shepherd
12767HeathNSWGerman Shepherd
12941LorettaQLDGerman Shepherd
13025PaulNSWGerman Shepherd
13200TroyQLDGerman Shepherd
13344ScottTASGerman Shepherd
13606MelissaNSWGerman Shepherd
13689JessikaQLDGerman Shepherd
13941AminNSWGerman Shepherd
14025MarcusQLDGerman Shepherd
14037KateyNSWGerman Shepherd
14093RoseVICGerman Shepherd
14308DavidNSWGerman Shepherd
14312Sarah LeeNSWGerman Shepherd
14329ChristopherNSWGerman Shepherd
14354MichaelNSWGerman Shepherd
14383JodiVICGerman Shepherd
14421RachaelQLDGerman Shepherd
14444Marion & JenniferVICGerman Shepherd
14457GeorgeNSWGerman Shepherd
14560AdamVICGerman Shepherd
14590MichaelVICGerman Shepherd
14693NiomiQLDGerman Shepherd
14696NatalieNSWGerman Shepherd
14836AmandaWAGerman Shepherd
14843NatalieQLDGerman Shepherd
14950HarrySAGerman Shepherd
14979EzraQLDGerman Shepherd
15004EliseVICGerman Shepherd
15022KateSAGerman Shepherd
15081WilliamNSWGerman Shepherd
15087AlbinaNSWGerman Shepherd
15090AdamWAGerman Shepherd
15130SommerNSWGerman Shepherd
15151KimberleyQLDGerman Shepherd
15206SimoneNSWGerman Shepherd
15233RobertNSWGerman Shepherd
15268Dr BarryQLDGerman Shepherd
15292ColleenNSWGerman Shepherd
15295TroyNSWGerman Shepherd
15354KatieVICGerman Shepherd
15379MaryVICGerman Shepherd
15394JayQLDGerman Shepherd

If you’ve ever searched for “German Shepherd breeders near me”, then you need look no further than RPBA breeders. Your puppy’s quality of life is highly dependent on the quality of the breeder from whom your purchase them, so we’ve created some blog posts with information that may be useful during your search:

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